Sep. 17-24 2016

South on US 75 near Graceville, Minn., crossing Lannon Lake on a causeway (which has nothing to do with the expression, "It caused Luis").

US 75 at Eli Lake near Clinton, Minn.

US 12 turns left here in Ortonville, Minn. MN 7 continues ahead. And you cannot convince me that the Holiday logo doesn't look like the late 1970s NBC logo.

US 12 goes under a rail overpass in Ortonville.

Nobody rocks acne scars and punk rocker teeth quite like me! This video starts out on US 75 near Ortonville but leapfrogs over most of the town and ends up on US 12 - which enters South Dakota!

Probably US 12 near Twin Brooks, S.D. This might have been one of the places where I tried to time the distance to the horizon. You could see for miles.

US 12 has a causeway at this lake near Waubay, S.D.

US 12 between Blue Dog Lake and Little Rush Lake.

US 12 crosses Rush Lake.

North on SD 25 near Webster, S.D. - hometown of Tom Brokaw.

I'm guessing this is a road shown in gray on the road atlas - SEC 17 which becomes SEC 5.

Likely the same road as above.

I have absolutely no idea where this is.

On the causeway in the previous photo, cows loom over us on that hill.

SEC 5 at SD 10. SEC 5 continues as unpaved ahead.

Probably SD 10. I don't think we're on SD 27 yet.

In some of my videos, I talk too quietly, and my lips are chapped. That's why Theodore Roosevelt said, "Speak loudly and carry a ChapStick." In this vid-a-roo, SD 27 enters North Dakota and becomes ND 32, like it has amazing superpowers or something.

This has to be ND 32.

I know it looks cool when they tear up roads like this, but I have no idea where this is.

West on ND 13 in Gwinner, N.D. If you go east on ND 13, you'll eventually reach Wahpeton, where the "Beet, beet, sugar beet" segment on Sesame Street was filmed.

North Dakota was in the process of debuting its new route markers, which use an outline of the state. To much controversy, these signs are replacing the old signs that use a silhouette of Lakota law enforcement officer Red Tomahawk. The reason for the change was to raise the state's profile.

ND 13 joins ND 1 near Glover, N.D. You can see a Red Tomahawk marker for ND 13 on the edge of the photo. Best all, the unpaved road ahead - 82nd Street SE - has a ROAD CLOSED sign. I think it's because the road got buried under a lake.

I'm not sure where this is, but this underscores how section line roads around here just bop right on through lakes. It's a classic story of humanity versus nature!

Another photo like the last one, but this has an added bonus of a farm vehicle that's too wide for the road.

I-94 in Jamestown, N.D. You know who's from Jamestown? That's right, it's your friend in the void, former American Top 40 host Shadoe Stevens! Shadoe was also Fred Rated in the old Federated commercials, in which they smashed pies in his face and did other ridiculous things. Uh-oh, that wasn't Boston cream, muchachos!

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