TEXAS trip
Apr. 30-May 6 2015

We left off in Dallas. This may be the tail end of I-45.

Frontage for the US 75 freeway in Dallas. The freeway is depressed at left.

Whatever road we're on crosses McKinney Avenue (a former path of US 75???), and you can see a rare red yield sign. That means yield to pedestrians. Do it.

A late evening view of Dallas. It appears as if we're looking straight ahead on a freeway that goes under the road we're on.

Back on the US 75 frontage near Southern Methodist University. A ramp down to US 75 is at left.

I told you there was going to be more humiliation on this trip, and you didn't believe me. This is the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. It's where they keep the coloring books! Seriously, I visited the museum, and I'm using the word museum very loosely. It was a one-sided propaganda display. The road running horizontally - behind the sign with all the Allowed Clouds - is SMU Boulevard.

A view from the much-laughed-at Bush museum.

The US 75 frontage crosses Lovers Lane, which may be best known as the mailing address of that ridiculous Cheaters show. The bridge at right is for rail.

The US 75 freeway is known as the Central Expressway. This cluster of skyscrapers is on the north end of Dallas.

The exit to I-635. Why does Texas use a 2-digit shield here for I-635 when it uses a 3-digit shield for so many 2-digit Interstates? Because it bips.

Those must be the ramps from I-635.

More Bush-themed humiliation visited upon greater Dallas.

The Dallas suburb of Richardson is now looking like a big city in its own right.

Stinky's!!! Hahaha! This is in Howe, Texas. US 75 is still a freeway here, but I don't think the frontage was the old US 75.

Strange pedestrian bridge over US 75 in Sherman.

Continuing on US 75, the sign makes reference to the Buck Owens Freeway - US 82 in Sherman.

In Denison, Texas, US 69/75 crosses the Red River into Oklahoma. You can see an older rail bridge at right. Denison is the birthplace of Dwight Eisenhower, and of one of my personal heroes Jim Hightower.

The Oklahoma welcome sign. The road goes under a rail bridge up ahead, which merges with another track and bips onto the bridge in the previous photo.

RAIN RUINED THE WHOLE TRIP!!! This is probably US 70 near Boswell, Okla.

US 271 crosses the Kiamichi River near Antlers, Okla. Antlers, Antlers, reindeer motion, nyeh!

Right past that bridge, US 271 rounds this curve, while an unpaved road is ahead.

US 271 near Oklahoma's Blue Ouachita Mountain.

US 271/OK 2 in Clayton, Okla. The Electric Company had a Clayton. That ONE WAY sign looks like it's from about 1956.

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