May 15 2016

The Peace Bike is not necessary to fulfill my monthly Scholaring requirement. That's been the rule since 2008. I thought we hashed that out long ago. Plus, I hardly used the Peace Bike this month anyway because it poured down rain most of the month - and I had no energy because of my health. This photo shoot took place from a car.

Here we're in Walton looking along Old Nicholson Road. This is significant because it was once KY 16, until the early 1980s or so.

Continuing north on US 25, we go under the current KY 16. KY 16 here forms a prototypical "Kentucky loop."

North on US 25 at KY 536 in unincorporated Boone County. Nothing too great here, except some Roads Scholars will adore the state-name Interstate signs. Also, notice how the Kentucky state route signs with 3 or 4 digits are suddenly using truly oval shields, after several years where the shields were becoming flatter and flatter.

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