Jan. 24 2017

I'm so excited about this new era in Roads Scholaring! In this outing, we debut the Road Ruiner - an electric bicycle! Kentucky appears to be one of very few states where electric bikes are de facto illegal. I don't care. I'm a rulebreaker. However, in this outing, I was riding around with a pedal from the Peace Bike because the Road Ruiner came with a defective pedal. This was before the bike shop discovered the crankshaft was bad too.

The Road Ruiner's first video takes us up Waterworks Road. I buyed the Road Ruiner - relatively cheaply - because this area does have terrain problems. It's supposed to be a free country, and I don't owe anyone any further explanation about this purchase.

Right up ahead is a new bridge over Taylor Creek. It was completed in late 2016, replacing a 1900 span.

We dipped into Fort Thomas a little, and now we're looking the other way on Waterworks Road. The CAUTION SCHOOL BUS sign has such tiny lettering that it would be a challenge to read even with the strongest bipfocals. The new bridge over Taylor Creek is in the background where the road curves to the left.

A stop sign! Completely stupid! Not all stop signs are stupid, of course. Just ones like this, because the only intersection here is with a small driveway for a business. It looks like someone didn't like this stop sign and tried removing it, so highway officials shackled it to the utility pole. Might not keep the stop sign from getting pied though.

The stop sign where we intersect Wilson Road has seen happier days. Also, you can tell someone started to write a baaaaad word on it. Look at the lower half of the sign. You can faintly see the first couple letters in the s-word. (They're tilted.) How mature!

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