June 6-12 2021

The 2020-21 timeframe continued to be full of big trips! Just full of 'em! This trip to Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota showed that the Plains are anything but plain, as the region led the nation's recovery. This was known as the Hawaiian Punch trip, because a thermos full of Hawaiian Punch exploded in the car.

We tried to stop for a picnic lunch at the rest area along I-72 near Argenta, Ill., but Gov. Flintstone had closed it. This photo is from the resulting search for another picnic spot. This is north on Four Bridges Road near Niantic. Not Seven Bridges Road, like the Eagles song (which everyone called "Soiled Britches Road"), but Four Bridges Road.

Four Bridges Road ends at Old US 36.

West on Old US 36.

In Illiopolis, 9th Street is straight ahead, while Matilda Street veers left.

Matilda at 8th.

Well, yabba dabba doo! We found a park in Riverton for a picnic. There was a family fishing at a pond there. This is east on Lincoln - the old, old US 36 - in Riverton.

As we prepare to leave the land of ol' Fred, notice that I-72 uses a 3-digit shield here.

This is on US 36 at Hamilton, Mo., but what's important here is that this is also MO 110, which is labeled "CKC." That stands for the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway, which consists of MO 110 and IL 110. The 528-mile "expressway" appears to be a divided highway almost its whole length, but not all of that is a full freeway. The route runs along I-88 in Illinois and then along other roads to US 36 and I-35. Why does Illinois route it on the tollway instead of the more direct route on I-55 and 72? Gee, I wonder.

This sign on US 36 has seen less ruined days.

The ruinment continues on I-29 north.

I-29 enters Iowa!

IA 2 becomes NE 2 as we cross the Missouri River into Nebraska. This is when we were looking for dinner after a truck stop restaurant was closed because of "mechanical issues" (as if the seats were toilets or something).

This is right after the eastern terminus of US 26, which also has NE 61 here in Ogallala, Neb. According to Google Maps, this is also known as Big Mac Road. Here we cross Stagecoach Trail. The original name of Hubba Bubba bubble gum was supposed to be Stagecoach.

We continue on this viaduct in Ogallala.

West on 1st (US 26/30) in Ogallala.

This has to be US 26 bipping away from Ogallala.

US 26 makes a left while an unpaved road appears ahead. It's a shame we didn't use that!

Northwest on US 26.

US 26 continues to the benefit of coolsters everywhere.

West on Avenue C in Oshkosh, Neb. - not Oshkosh, Wis. Remember my 1998 trip to Oshkosh, Wis.? That was known as the Underoos trip because there was a pair of Underoos on the floor in a McDonald's restroom. I also remember a young woman breezing through downtown Oshkosh on her bikey! She was cool. Also, she was chewin' bubble gum! She didn't bubble. But she was chewin' bubble gum!

Probably south on East 1st approaching US 26.

US 26 uses Guthrie Street in Broadwater.

You've got jail! Waaaaay off in the distance from US 26, you can see Courthouse and Jail Rocks. Courthouse Rock is the larger formation at right. Jail Rock is the smaller one at left. An early diarist said Courthouse Rock was "in a state of ruin." The magic word!

Another view of Courthouse and Jail Rocks.

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