June 6-12 2021

I project that this is likely east on SD 244.

The sign apparently refers to the movies North By Northwest and National Treasure: Book Of Secrets. I keep thinking the former is the title of a book cut up with scissors by a little girl in a children's story. I remember a hilarious illustration of the round-headed child smiling and holding scissors as her dad holds the ruined book and angrily yells. The mustachioed dad's facial expression was priceless!

Probably SD 244 again.

SD 244 approaching Keystone, S.D.

The spectacular US 16A.

US 16A goes under itself!

Crossing the US 16A bridge over itself.

Another occasion where US 16A goes under itself.

And this is where the road again crosses over itself.

The Doane Robinson Tunnel on US 16A. This is a one-lane tunnel.

The view emerging from the tun.

A one-way split on US 16A, with one lane on each side.

The one-way split continues.

Another instance where US 16A soars over itself.

Crossing the bridge on US 16A and entering the C.C. Gideon Tunnel. Not C.C. Biggs, like the cookies, which just made me think about an X-rated joke about C.C. Biggs that I had forgotten about since 1990.

Just after the C.C. Gideon Tunnel.

US 16A forms another one-way pair.

A view from an overlook along US 16A. Informational signs described the challenges of building US 16A, which was completed in 1933. Some called it the road that "couldn't be built." Another sign described the black-backed woodpecker as "beetle eaters." Not beedle-eedle-eed, but "beetle eaters."

The Scovel Johnson Tunnel on US 16A.

I'm not sure what road this is, but it has deer crossing it. We tried taking one road - probably SD 87 through Custer State Park - but we found it was a fee area, and we didn't want to pay, so we went all the way back on US 16A.

Going back the other way through the Scovel Johnson Tunnel.

The C.C. Gideon Tunnel is actually 2 tunnels in very quick succession.

As US 16A goes under itself, this highlights how the bridge enters the C.C. Gideon Tunnel.

The Doane Robinson Tunnel again.

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