June 6-12 2021

This has to be just after exiting the Doane Robinson Tunnel.

One of several spots where US 16A crosses under itself.

Another such crossunder on US 16A.


Mount Rushmore looms over us, but the sun makes it hard to discern the faces.

West on SD 244, Roads Scholars will notice the brown sign uses an unusual color scheme.

A profile view of George Washington.

South on US 16/385.

US 16/385 picks up SD 89 in Custer.

Northern Street in Pringle, S.D. (like the potato chip that some girl in 8th grade spit out all over the floor).

Along Northern Street looms the bicycle sculpture, visible at left.

A closer view of the sculpture.

Possibly US 385, but I'm not sure.

North on SD 87.

SD 87 continues.

SD 87 crosses Beaver Creek.

SD 87 approaches one of these little setups that defined US 16A.

This is where SD 87 crosses over itself.

Now it crosses back under.

Probably SD 87 again. Notice the bison at left.

A closer view of this majestic bison!

Returning the other way on SD 87.

Going back south over Beaver Creek.

The one-lane bridge over Beaver Creek.

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