June 6-12 2021

We left off on I-29 in Sioux City, Iowa. This is where we go under the rail bridge. Sioux City is the hometown of Fred Grandy and Jerry Mathers.

I-29 approaches I-129.

US 20/75 forms a freeway bypass on the southeast of Sioux City. This is nearing the exit to Gordon Drive. Sesame Street had a Gordon.

Probably what Google labels as Sierra Avenue heading into Sac City. US 20 now runs on a divided highway north of town, but I remember that it went through town when I went through here in 1992.

According to Google, Sierra becomes 5th when it enters town.

Audubon Street in Sac City.

East on Main. This is as we were searching for the diner where it sounded like a customer was coughing up a lung.

North on Ash. It may become unpaved up ahead.

US 169 in Fort Dodge. We go under a rail bridge.

This is the business route through Fort Dodge now, but it used to be mainline US 20/169.

IA 27 represents part of the Avenue of the Saints - running from St. Louis to St. Paul - and I've noticed the Avenue of the Saints sign is shaped sort of like the Sesame Street sign.

Probably I-80 near Davenport. That truck is unfi. I don't know why they want to advertise that they're anything but fi.

I-74 in Bettendorf, Iowa, has a brand new bridge over the Mississippi River to Moline, Ill., up ahead.

The bridge replaces the decades-old span seen at right, which was slated for demolition in 2021. The northbound side of the new bridge (which also had southbound traffic in this photo) opened in 2020, and the southbound side was scheduled to open in 2021.

Getting on the new bridge.

Here we're on the new bridge.

Looking over at the old bridge.


Exiting I-74 onto...I-74!

I-74 teams up with I-280 to fight injustice!

IL 110 is labeled as the Chicago-Kansas City Expressway, which also includes I-88, because Bedrock sure wants that toll revenue!

Chestnut Street heading out of Le Roy, Ill.

This is probably Hemlock Street in Le Roy - as in Sherlock Hemlock, "the defective detective" on Sesame Street.

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