Apr. 15 2010

Before watching the Tea Party make fools of themselves, I had a whole morning to go Roads Scholaring! And it was productive in that I found an abandoned road - which are becoming scarce nowadays. So without further ado, here's this batch of photos...

A lot of folks thought fingers over the lenses went out with the 1990s - much like the Tea Parties' politics should have - but when you're on the go, anything can happen. This picture is looking down a set of steps from Western Avenue down to Crescent Avenue. An old map shows 6th Street where the steps are - though that would have been a mighty steep street.

In this movie, we bike downhill on Western, from the 6th Street steps to KY 8.

Looking down Wright Street towards KY 8. You can see the Ohio River, the west side of Cincinnati, and even Union Terminal in the background.

On Wright Street opposite Virginia Lane, one is confronted by this spaceship-shaped building. This building was constructed of plastic in 1968 and was designed to be a house that residents could take with them when they moved. (Cue the futuristic Jetsons music.)

South on Wright Street.

Wright Street really trails off right about here.

Starting here, Wright Street is abandoned and impassable - or more accurately, it no longer exists. However, the power lines still stand. My search for Gorge Road - an abandoned street that supposedly rests nearby - yielded nothing, although Gorge Road was mentioned at city council meetings as late as 2006.

Here's a real treat: a video that includes abandoned Wright Street. Mostly, however, we go north on the existing Wright, and we end up on KY 8. As a bonus, is the wide spot in Wright Street at :35 where we cross the long-destroyed Lookout Street?

East on 3rd (part of the unsigned KY 2374), going under I-75.

North on Philadelphia Street at 6th - in front of Goebel Park, where the Tea Party rally was conducted. The red Heartland Tours bus with Minnesota plates is the tour vehicle that the rally's participants use to travel from city to city (since most of them are out-of-town agitators).

Another of the viewses Google Street View seems to loses. This is south from 6th on the alley that parallels the east side of Philadelphia Street.

This path is in a park that occupies the wide median of 6th. This is facing east. Sixth Street is on both sides of this park.

Put on your conquering glasses! It's a Holiday Inn! This is the tangle that hovers above 4th & Philadelphia. The I-71 sign is ooold!

This rather unremarkable video is our token Newport item. We start off on the KY 8 bridge. Then we travel on the trail atop the Newport floodwall, and then we ramp down to Riverboat Row. The urban prairie is visible on the right around :40; Southgate Street is the street that parallels the floodwall in the urban prairie.

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