June-July 2002

Gloss Mountain State Park - the Oklahoma badlands between Enid and Woodward. (The sign does say Gloss Mountain - thereby silencing those who still insist it's Glass Mountain.)

Near the northwest corner of Texas.

Arizona welcome sign on US 64 in Navajo Nation.

The Four Corners monument, the exact point where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah come together.

Here I'm standing on the hill under the Utah welcome sign along UT 262, as we exit Ute Mountain Reservation and reenter Navajo Nation.

Continuing on US 6/50 into Nevada. The white sign reads "US 6 WP 101 88", a milepost for mile 101.88 of White Pine County's share of US 6.

San Francisco!

The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge.

At the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, with San Francisco in the background. This spot is notable for a restroom that was vandalized to the point of total wreckage.

San Francisco again!

Reno, NV.

Mount Rushmore.

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