Oct. 3-10 2020

I-70 stampedes through Denver!

West on 49th at US 287.

South on Grove at 49th.

Back on I-70 in Wheat Ridge!

I-70 near Evergreen.

I-70 again. The road at right is Central City Parkway, which we employed during my 2013 Mesa Verde trip.

The Veterans Memorial Tunnels are a dual set of tunnels near Idaho Springs. Construction on the eastbound tunnel forced us onto an interesting detour in 2013, remember?

I didn't take many photos on this stretch, because I got pretty many in 2018, and because my peeps were blowing up my phone about some important business. This is I-70 near Wolcott. This is also the stretch where most of the rest areas were closed, forcing delay of an important toilet visit. But everyone at the next open rest area was chewin' bubble gum! They didn't bubble. But they were chewin' bubble gum!

G! Gum! This is Horizon Drive at G Road or 27 Road in Grand Junction.

We think this is southwest on Monument Road heading towards the beautiful Colorado National Monument.

This has to be continuing on Monument Road.

Stunning scenery at Colorado National Monument. The monument was established in 1911 after being explored by John Otto, who lived in a tent there.

Looking down at one of the winding roads through the park.

Continuing through Colorado National Monument.

The road squeezes through here.

We think this is the tunnel on Rim Rock Drive.

Shortly after exiting the tunnel.

Some of the landscape at this monument.

The road continues.

More great scenery from this national monument.

A sign calls this a "canyon in a canyon" that looks out over Grand Junction.

Yet more fine scenery.

Colorado National Monument is a world of animal life!

Spend a couple hours, see a lifetime of scenery!

As the road continues, it sees a number of animals.

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