Oct. 3-10 2020

Before we return you to roads, already in progress, here's another animal photo from Colorado National Monument.

More park scenery.

This appears to be from one of the many fine pull-offs along the road.

The gorgeous scenery flies by us at Colorado National Monument!

On a clear day, you can see forever!

This looks like it's from another great pull-off.

A great road deserves a great road car! That's why I shop at H.H. Gregg!

The edge of the cliff looks like it's right under our wheels!

The air was sweet at this pull-off!

A treacherous cliff overlooks these formations!

A sign said the formation at center is Independence Monument.

This could be good - at least for knee people!

I guess this is from the trail, which was extremely strenuous.

Looking out over more great Western scenery.

It's hard to see, but this has to be another tunnel on Rim Rock Drive.

This appears to be another tunnel right after the previous tunnel.

This is likely still Rim Rock Drive.

This has to be Balanced Rock.

This has to be Rim Rock Drive through Fruita (pronounced "froo-tuh") Canyon.

This would be near the northwest reaches of Colorado National Monument.

Rim Rock Road ends at CO 340.

CO 340 at the roundabout at Raptor Road in Fruita, Colo., a town of 13,000.

Now we're in Utah! This is UT 313.

This also has to be UT 313.

UT 313 will soon bring us to the northern portion of Canyonlands National Park.

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