Oct. 3-10 2020

This is probably UT 313 heading towards Canyonlands National Park.

Vacationers enjoying Canyonlands!

More Canyonlands!

The cliff appears to have a little trail (a people's road).

More unbeatable Canyonlands scenery!

Canyonlands National Park was established in 1964. The northern part of the park is called Island in the Sky (not "Island In The Sun" like the Weezer song that was really big when Tantrum 95.7 got shut down). Parts of the park contain rock art made by people who inhabited the region in the 2nd milennium B.C.

The peace and beauty of Canyonlands continues!

A dilapidated sign said this is Whale Rock.

The road bips through Canyonlands.

This canyon is one of the region's most iconic scenes.

More scenery from the roadway.

This shows more of the area's characteristic canyons.

A great day at Canyonlands continues!

As this is primarily a roads website, it was inedible that we'd have more photos of actual roads. It's inedible - like the heat of the sun! (Like the song that had the video where everyone threw pies at each other.) As we skip away from the park, this may be north on UT 313.

Probably UT 313 again.

Surely UT 313.

This has to be south on US 191.

US 191 crosses the Colorado River near Moab (pronounced "mo-ab"), Utah. Tourists created a huge traffic jam on this 2010 bridge.

US 191 uses Main Street in Moab.

US 191 continues in Moab.

Distant mountains pop into view in Moab.

US 191 south of Moab.

US 191 yet again.

US 191 near La Sal Junction.

US 191 again, and the arch you see is Wilson Arch.

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