Oct. 3-10 2020

We left off on US 191 at Wilson Arch in Utah. US 191 in this area used to be UT 9.

US 191 again.

The formation at center left (further back from the one at far left) is Church Rock, a sandstone column. Wikipedia called it "gumdrop shaped."

Up ahead, US 191 in Monticello sprouts US 491. We coulda gone to New Mexico and enjoyed its fine state parks!

East on US 491 in Monticello.

I have no idea where this is.

This has to be US 191 with Church Rock at center.

Church Rock is again visible on US 191.

Church Rock gravitates back to the right of US 191.

West on UT 211. After seeing this, it occurred to me how much the beehive on Utah state highway signs looks like Church Rock.

UT 211 continues like the dynamo it is.

UT 211 again.

Reading about UT 211, we discover that Utah actually defines each state highway by legislation. UT 211 is defined as: "From Dugout Ranch southeasterly; then northeasterly to Route 191 near Church Rock." There's a brand of bubble gum called Dugout.

UT 211 yet again!

UT 211 yet again and again!

This formation protrudes over the road a bit.

Arkansas has Mount Magazine, but Utah has Newspaper Rock. I'm wondering if there's a Comic Book Lake somewhere. This photo is UT 211 at Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument. The rock itself is labeled as 500 feet off the road and is carved with gobs of petroglyphs that date as far back as circa the 1st century. Newspaper Rock got its name because the petroglyphs tell a story, much like a newspaper. But the petroglyphs probably don't have stupid headlines like "Lockdowns will last past 2027 and that's OK."

UT 211 continues at Newspaper Rock.

You guessed it! UT 211 again!

The appeal of UT 211 is that it brings us to the Needles, the southeastern portion of Canyonlands National Park. You're gonna love it!

As we get closer to the park, I'm looking at the official map, and I notice a spot marked as "Roadside Ruin." The magic word!

More general scenery of the Canyonlands area.

There seems to be No End In Sight For The Foreseeable Future (tm) for this amazing scenery!

Before we get out of the car again at Canyonlands, I can't remember whether it was the Needles or Island in the Sky where a huge group of vacationers gathered on a trail overlooking a canyon, all chewin' bubble gum. They didn't bubble. But they were chewin' bubble gum!

I'm actually not sure if this is still UT 211 here.

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