Oct. 3-10 2020

UT 211 heading away from Canyonlands National Park.

UT 211 again! Imagine that!

UT 211 ends at US 191. Church Rock is again visible at right.

US 191 angles fron Center Street onto Main Street in Blanding, Utah.

East on 1800 S.

Back north on US 191. The road that branches off and goes up the hill is Radio Hill Road.

US 191 with Recapture Reservoir at left.

US 491 enters Colorado.

North on CO 141.

CO 141 near Egnar or Slick Rock.

CO 141 rounds this curve.

CO 141 again! Imagine that!

CO 141 births a runaway truck ramp.

This too could only be CO 141!

This too.

CO 141 is the road that keeps on giving!

CO 141 approaches CO 145.

I'm guessing this is CO 145 near Norwood or Placerville.

This too would likely be CO 145.

This has to be CO 62.

CO 62 uses Sherman Street in Ridgway.

This has to be east on US 50. We coulda taken this all the way from Cincinnati - or Ocean City, Md.! Instead, we did things the cool people way. After all, I'm a cool person.

US 50 continues on the way to the sky.

US 50 again.

North on CO 347 towards Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

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