Oct. 3-10 2020

Northeast on I-76 in northeastern Colorado. I tried to get the "RECALL POLIS" sign at left. Not sure why they wanted him recalled though. Maybe they didn't like his proposal for a mask bonfire.

West on US 6 in Sterling. I'll never forget riding around Sterling talking about how contract law would apply to old Zoom episodes.

I-76 near Crook, Colo.

Just after we cross into Nebraska, I-76 ends as it seamlessly merges into I-80. Sidney, Neb., is the control city on I-80 west. The exit number here is as if it was from I-80, not I-76.

I-80 at Brule, Neb.

I-80 at Roscoe, Neb. - like Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

On I-80 in Kearney, Neb., we see the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. This monument to the frontier experience opened in 2000.

A distant view of downtown Lincoln, perhaps from the US 77 freeway. The tallest building is famously the Nebraska State Capitol.

NE 2 on the south side of Lincoln. Downtown is at left.

NE 2 becomes IA 2 as we enter Iowa. This is IA 2 at I-29.

I-29 enters Missouri.

Mighty Mo is open for business! This Missouri welcome sign is more exciting than the other one.

Potty time tee-hee-hee!

We took US 36 east across Missouri, recreating my 1995 Topeka trip. US 36 crosses I-35 here. We also pick up MO 110 for miles.

US 36 near Mooresville, Mo. I don't think the road at right was old US 36, because the divided highway here was just a widening of an existing road.

US 36 goes under this rail bridge near Chillicothe, Mo.

The road at right - Jonquil Road - may have been old US 36.

US 36 near Marceline, Mo. - boyhood home of Walt Disney. The road straight ahead climbing the hill is Lily Road - old US 36.

That's still Lily Road at right, and it's still old US 36.

US 36 east goes under this rail bridge. But US 36 west actually goes over this rail line. The roadway here used to be both directions of US 36. The westbound side is newer.

US 61 in Hannibal - where we got a good dinner served with a smile! Right here, US 61 has an exit from US 36 - which becomes I-72 here.

It appears as if US 36 hasn't lost MO 110 since we crossed I-35. Here it uses I-72 as we cross the Mississippi River into Illinois using the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge, which opened in 2000.

I-72 goes under this graffiti-enhanced rail bridge near Springfield, Ill.

I-55/72 has US 36 around the east of Springfield, but this freeway once had US 66.

This sign on I-57 in Champaign had self-destructed even funnier since I last saw it on my 2018 Springfield trip. You can even see part of it laying on the ground!

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