Oct. 2 2008

North on KY 9 from the inside of the ramps from I-275. The area on the right-hand side of the road is endangered by development. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is referred to by the sign.

At I-275, KY 9 becomes the John Y. Brown Jr. Alexandria-Ashland Highway. The stretch of the AA Highway from here to US 27 opened around 1990, but this spot here is really just an upgrade of Licking Pike.

Continuing a bit on the AA.

Northwest on Gloria Terrell Drive, I was trying to figure out if this was a former portion of KY 9. I've concluded that this stretch was not. It was built in the 1990s or so and parallels KY 9.

Along KY 9, looking up Pooles Creek Road, which has been part of KY 1998 since 1999 (though the road is much older). The road used to begin at the intersection up ahead with what is now St. Johns Lane.

Heading out of Wilder, this is southeast on KY 915. This too is part of Licking Pike and was part of KY 9 until 1994 when the KY 9 designation was moved onto the AA Highway.

Back on the AA, looking southeast towards KY 915. The AA is not a freeway, but it has a freeway-style interchange with US 27.

Northwest on St. Johns Lane. St. Johns Lane was part of Licking Pike and of KY 9 before the 1990s. The lowlight of the day was when some liar who lived on this street called the Wilder public works department to falsely accuse me of photographing private property. They called before I even photographed anything on this road.

Continuing on St. Johns Lane - the old KY 9.

Yup, this looks a hell of a lot like private property to me. (That's sarcasm!) This is further still on St. Johns Lane.

The end of St. Johns Lane. Waaaaah!

Southeast on St. Johns Lane. It's hard to imagine this ever being KY 9, but it was. (Looks like more of that so-called private property, huh?)

We were due for one of these, weren't we? This is northwest on what is now Johns Hill Road or KY 2345, approaching KY 9. KY 9 had used part of what is now Johns Hill Road before the 1990s, but the former path of KY 9 splits off on the right.

Looking north on the pre-1990s alignment of KY 9 from the current Johns Hill Road. It's the unsurfaced clearing with the telephone poles along it. The current KY 9 is in the background on the left.

I biked the abandoned KY 9 alignment! This is going north.

Standing on the east side of KY 9 in central Wilder. This video features a hilarious imitation of whatever crybaby called the public works department to complain about me photographing "their" St. Johns Lane.

Back in Newport! From a park on 12th, this is looking under a shelter and northwest on Ann Street. The skyline of Cincinnati lurks in the background.

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