May 19 July 25 2018

July's Scholaring will forever bask in notoriety, as it was the one in which the motor in the Road Ruiner burned up. The bike is beyond repair. I know a $400 bike should last longer than 18 months - but there were so many defects with it that the seller had already been forced to refund me (though of course they fought me on it).

7/25 - Johnson Alley in Bellevue is a people's road! This is looking southwest. The painted circles are a popular public art exhibit set to last for years.

Newport is one of my most enduring Roads Scholaring locales, and this is on the path from Riverboat Row to the Purple People Bridge. This shows how the sanitation department violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by requiring folks to detour down a set of steps to what was then KY 8.

Another entry in the ever-expanding pantheon of injustices. This is the new KY 9 that was under construction then. Up ahead is the stretch that overlays Chestnut Way. The empty space past the building on the right had featured some public housing. Those buildings had recently been demolished even though - as this photo shows - they were not in the path of the new road. This proves once again that the entire road project was just an excuse to demolish the public housing - something officials had actually admitted years earlier.

A video going down Steel Plant Road in Wilder! I may have already had a video of this from perhaps 10 years earlier with the Peace Bike. If that's the case, then the toilets, they are tough.

Back in Newport! This is south on Cliffview. This street apparently used to run into an alley where it ends up ahead.

Downhill on Kentucky Drive - just before the motor in the Road Ruiner took its last gasps. Notice that the woods have a bit of a bald spot in the foreground at left. Mayo Circle used to emerge there.

5/19 - As a bonus, I'm including a couple videos from an earlier automotive errand. Family members asked me to film these, but I had to edit them down, since they chatterboxed fluently. However, they did not noisily chew gum, which a certain individual did as I filmed one of my comedic videos at my desk. This video is northeast on I-71 through Cincinnati.

Smith Road and Edwards Road (OH 561). This video ends with a nice rotating sign like it's 1976.

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