Aug. 21 2017

We drove to Princeton, Ky., to see the eclipse - which makes up for the time in 5th grade when I missed the eclipse because they locked us inside the school. (The hypocrites who ran the school system prescribed Cylert but said letting us outside that day would ruin our eyes.) This outing yielded 9 bonus road photos.

This was right when the eclipse was winding down, so the sky still looks slightly darker than it otherwise would. I think this is US 62 in Princeton.

US 62 approaches KY 91/139 in Princeton.

KY 91/139 approaches I-69 - itself still a recent development in Kentucky.

A bit of a traffic jam on the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway. Incidentally, the exit on the BGS appears to be the type with just 4 loop ramps left over from the toll days.

The worst traffic on this outing was around Elizabethtown. You'd think impenetrable traffic jams would be found only in bigger cities than Elizabethtown, but it was so bad that we had to use side roads. We used KY 3005, an outer surface road bypass. I'm not exactly sure where this photo is, but I think it could be southeast on a future stretch of KY 3005 at the parkway. It appears as if they may extend KY 3005 southeast at least to KY 1136 or US 31W.

Because I'm a 1970s kind of guy, I hope to see more of this. You don't see many 3-digit state routes in Kentucky using a 2-digit shield anymore, but this has to be a newer sign, and I hope it sets a trend. This is on KY 3005 approaching KY 361.

A huge traffic snarl going northeast on US 62 in Elizabethtown. We go under a rail bridge. I don't know who blacked out the sign on the bridge. Some beezweezer probably.

East on US 60 near the Lexington airport.

The ramp to the rest area along northbound I-75 in Georgetown is bizarre, strange, weird! It comes off an exit to a new road. The ramp actually goes under that road.

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