Aug. 31-Sep. 1 2010

This 7-part batch of photos is the second set from my great Western tour. Of course, it's mostly roads, but it also has wildlife and gobs of peculiar geographic features. So ahoy and enjoy...

This has to be north on US 20/WY 789 near Lucerne, WY.

This must be approaching Worland, WY.

US 16 joins US 20/WY 789 in Worland. Here we're looking back south on this road as we leave Worland.

"As Regulations Grow...Freedoms Die." That's the mating call of the beleaguered eagle on that banner, which graces a mineral processing plant in Worland. (It must stink to be that bird!) But how much do you want to bet that the person who posted that banner supports the Patriot Act and work-for-less laws? I'd bet the farm on it!

Continuing on the road about 10 miles north of Worland.

Approaching Basin, WY.

The road becomes 4th Street in Basin. Here we're going north at B Street, and the pre-1976 IGA logo lives! (I'm talking about the one with the lanky letters.)

The highway becomes 6th Street here in Greybull, WY, and we're going north on the viaduct over the rail line.

West on US 14/16/20 near Emblem, WY.

Another view in greater Emblem.

Continuing on US 14/16/20.

Same road, different view.

I don't know what mountain range that is, but it could be what looms in the near future.

More Wyoming pastureland and mountains.

Approaching Cody, WY, we encounter some more beautiful and potentially productive land.

Clouds and mountains thicken on US 14/16/20.

Another mountain view.

Northwestern Wyoming is generally not identified with any major city. Billings, MT, is about 100 miles north of this scene, but that may be the area's urban hub.

Still approaching Cody, this is about a half-mile before the junction with WY 120.

US 14/16/20 has a variety of names in Cody, but if we're looking north, that could be Heart Mountain in the distance on the left. (Is there also a Jefferson Starship Mountain?)

Sheridan Avenue in Cody. US 14/16/20 actually doesn't take a very straight path in Cody, though it does use this street.

West on US 14/16/20. This is pretty close to that gas station where somebody peed all over the toilet seat.

This has to be Shoshone Canyon.

The Shoshone River is to the right of US 14/16/20. The bridge is probably for some minor road that otherwise parallels the other side of the river. The river was renamed from Stinking Water River in 1901 - presumably because people were afraid of things stinking.

Still in Shoshone Canyon, the road enters this tunnel. I believe this is the first of 3 tunnels in the immediate area.

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