Aug. 31-Sep. 1 2010

This part continues our jaunt through the Wyoming portion of Yellowstone National Park. A sign said this formation was some sort of geyser, but the geyser appeared to be out of order in this photo.

A road photo!!! I'm not too sure, but this could be near Old Faithful with the Firehole River on the right.

Possibly in southern Yellowstone, continuing towards the nearby Grand Teton National Park.

Unknown body of water in the same area.

Road from Yellowstone to Grand Teton.

Another road view!!!

This has to be in Grand Teton. Between the two parks, the road is known as the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway. It becomes US 89/191/287 upon leaving Yellowstone. (You may recall US 191 from Flaming Gorge.) Accordingly, that would be Jackson Lake in the background.

Hunters camped along Jackson Lake circa 10000 B.C. In the early 20th century, National Park Service officials who wanted to preserve this area by making it a national park were run out of the region by ranchers and their supporters. So, at the ranchers' request, most of the nearby valley was initially not included in the park - but apparently that changed.

A view of mountains across Jackson Lake.

Another good Jackson Lake view.

"Get a brain, morans!" This is a view of Mount Moran from across Jackson Lake. Although this mountain resembles that in the 1970s Paramount logo at the end of Happy Days, it was not named for Erin Moran. Wreckage from a 1950 plane crash still remains on the mountain. The wreckage could even be visible in this photo if you know where to look, but that's doubtful.

US 89/191/287 and Jackson Lake.

Another view across Jackson Lake. Mount Moran is the taller peak at center-right.

I think this is still US 191, but by this point we may have picked up US 26/89.

Looking across the floor of the valley in Grand Teton National Park.

South on Cache Street in Jackson, WY. US 26/89/191 turns right onto Broadway - and US 189 seems to begin here. Note the horse-drawn carriage on the left.

This has to be west on WY 22 near Wilson, WY. The sign warns of a gross vehicle weight limit at Teton Pass.

Mountain scenery along WY 22.

Sharp curves through Teton Pass.

More of WY 22 at Teton Pass.

A video crossing from Wyoming into Idaho! WY 22 becomes ID 33.

A traffic jam just southeast of Victor, ID, forced us onto this side road. This could be west on 950 S. These minor roads with numeric names are laid out in half-mile-wide squares here. It's nice to see the Public Land Survey System alive and well this far west!

We used these minor roads for a couple miles or so.

Still on the half-section roads south of Victor.

Finally, the pavement turned to gravel. But we really worked up some speed on these gravel roads, as the rocks clanked against the car's underside!

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