Aug. 31-Sep. 1 2010

The intersection of Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Deer Lodge, MT. This building served as the site of Montana State Prison as late as 1979. This penal institution was the largest in the state and was long plagued by crowding and mismanagement, which once resulted in a state investigation calling a particular cellblock "a disgrace to civilization." The prison was also the site of the Pea Riot, which began when one prisoner flicked a pea at another. This was followed by a much more serious and deadly uprising. The sandstone wall surrounding the prison was constructed by inmates, and the building is now a museum.

Deer Lodge's Biz I-90 ends at the ramps to I-90.

From I-90 near Goldcreek, MT, this could be old US 10/12.

Another view from I-90, this could be the old US 10/12 near Drummond, MT.

West on I-90, with the Clark Fork River on the right. If my photography seems shaky, it's because the Great Conoco Dump was imminent. And trust me, you don't want to know what that is. Or maybe you do.

Now we're in Missoula, MT - right after the Great Conoco Dump occurred. This is southwest on Orange Street, which forms this unusual tunnel topped by a rail yard, streets, and buildings. I think Orange Street is a fitting name because of what had just happened.

Continuing through Missoula.

Probably US 93 near Missoula.

I'm not sure where this is, but it could be US 93 near Evaro, MT.

Still on US 93, I'm guessing this unusual bridge is right after entering Flathead Indian Reservation.

This sign on US 93 features the local language. As near as I can tell, the language may be Montana Salish or Kalispel-Pend d'Oreille.

Mr. Log!!! Although the Great Conoco Dump was more like Mr. Pulp.

I'm not even sure what town this is, though it could be Arlee, MT.

Another sign showing the language of the Flathead Indian Reservation.

We think this is US 93 near Ravalli, MT.

Still US 93.

Looking east from US 93.

US 93 again! You can see the rain pouring down on the left.

We think this is US 93 near Polson, MT, with Flathead Lake in the background. This is the largest natural freshwater lake in the western part of the contiguous United States. Although it's a natural lake, it does have a dam that provides power and water.

I think now we're on scenic MT 35 at the southeast corner of Flathead Lake.

MT 35 along Flathead Lake.

This is downtown Kalispell, MT. Kalispell is the urban center of northwestern Montana. Between 2000 and 2010, the city reportedly more than doubled its population - from 14,000 to 29,000.

The Flathead County Courthouse in Kalispell.

A twilight view of downtown Kalispell. The Mr. Colson mentioned on the sign is probably not the Watergate figure who was pardoned by Jeb Bush.

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