Oct. 20-28 2018

I-70/US 40 west of Columbia, Mo. This is another direct overlay on US 40.

I-70 crosses the Missouri River near Rocheport, Mo.

I-70 near Marshall, Mo.

On I-70 approaching Kansas City, Mo., we see another hilarious teeth billboard.

It's...Kansas City!

I-70 picks up US 40 again in Kansas City. What's of interest here is that unusual vehicle on the right.

I-70 "does a Laurel" in Kansas City.

I-70 approaches I-670, which is actually shorter than the stretch of I-70 it accompanies. It's even signed as Alt I-70 here, and it was being used as an I-70 detour anyhow.

Repeat comment from 2 photos up.

I-70 in Kansas City again.

Notice that Kansas City has a Coke bottle building like Buffalo. It also has a Carew Tower clone at right.

Approaching where I-670 picks up from I-70.

West on I-670. I think we go under Grand Avenue up ahead. This stretch of I-670 was completed in 1968. Part of this freeway was closed in 1997 to film the video for the song "Last Night On Earth" by U2. Highway officials felt the video would be good for promoting Kansas City, but an AAA official said of the closure, "I can't believe the stupidity of it."

I think we go under Baltimore Avenue here.

I-670 goes under a whole block with some buildings. A QGIS moment!

I-670 west of I-35 wasn't even planned until 1971.

A view of the 12th Street Viaduct.

After we cross into Kansas City, Kan., this is a view of the Central Avenue Viaduct over the Kansas River.

The official welcome into Kansas on I-670.

I-70 west of Kansas City.

I-70 uses the Kansas Turnpike, a toll freeway to lighten your wallet.

We wosted all that money on turnpike tolls only to get caught in this big traffic jam?

I-70 in Topeka.


The Topeka Boulevard bridge over the Kansas River.

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