Oct. 20-28 2018

The sun reclines on I-70/US 40 near Manhattan, Kan.

US 183 in Hays, Kan.

I-70 in northwestern Kansas. (Also US 24?)

I-70 enters Colorado!

I-70 at Burlington, Colo.

That sign has a Snuffleupagus trunk on I-70 approaching Bethune, Colo. - hometown of Denver Pyle, who played Uncle Jesse on The Dukes Of Hazzard.

On I-70 near Genoa, Colo., the Rocky Mountains come into view at left. That might even be Pikes Peak, 75 miles away! I'm pretty sure the road on the right was once US 24 and even CO 4.

Just past Genoa with the old road on the right continuing.

I-70 at Limon, Colo. - pronounced "ly-mun", like that ridiculous thing in the Sprite commercials.

I-70 past Limon - also US 40/287.

I-70 near Deer Trail, Colo.

I-70 near Strasburg, Colo.

I-70 near Bennett, Colo.

As I-70 chugs along, we edge closer to Denver.

Poo poo pee poo pee pee poo pee poo poo pee.

CO 36 in Watkins, Colo. This used to be US 36/40/287.

I-70 past Watkins. Old US 36/40/287 is on the right. It was once CO 8 too!

I-70 does of course continue.

On I-70 in Aurora, Colo., you can see downtown Denver 15 miles up ahead.

I-70 essentially overlays Colfax Avenue here, but when it splits off to the right, it briefly overlays the old CO 72.

I-70 continues through Aurora. This is a city that's bigger than Cincinnati?

I-70, still in Aurora.

I-70, about where it enters Denver.

I-70 again.

This has to be I-270, which grazes the northeast of Denver.

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