Oct. 20-28 2018

I-270/US 36 north of Denver approaches I-76. It's interesting that Fort Morgan is an Interstate control city. "No it isn't," says a wimpy voice off in the distance. Yes it is!

I-270 again.

I-270 again and again.

I-270 ends at I-25 but US 36 continues as a freeway.

US 36 has a toll express lane and one of the biggest DO NOT ENTER signs ever. In fact, US 36 from Denver to Boulder used to be the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, which was fully toll from 1952-67.

US 36 goes under 80th Avenue in Westminster.

Gee, thanks for that important alert.

US 36 in Broomfield, which forms Broomfield County - the newest county in the U.S., not counting independent cities. The county formed in 2001, and the population is approaching 70,000, though the county includes only the city.

US 36 continues in Broomfield.

A McDonaldland bridge over US 36.

US 36 again!

It's...Boulder! This university city of 100,000 is where the band Firefall was founded and where the sitcom Mork & Mindy took place. Nanoo nanoo! Boulder County is generally known for liberal public policies: Way back in 1975, Boulder County became the first place in America to legalize same-sex marriages.

As US 36 continues into Boulder, the bike path on the right parallels the freeway for miles.

The freeway portion of US 36 ends not far up ahead.

An unknown roadway in Boulder.

We took CO 93 south from Boulder. At right seems to be another bike path, which seem to be all over the place around Boulder.

CO 93 and one of the many reservoirs in this area.

Heading south through Golden, we pick up US 6. Up ahead is the Jefferson County Courthouse. This is another instance where - instead of putting the courthouse downtown where it belongs - they put it on a sprawling suburban campus, where people can go and be wasteful.

Pretty sure this is I-70 near Golden.

As we get off I-70, we have a view of that road and some snow-capped mountains. This is where we visited the gas station where the hallway smelled like poop.

Back on I-70!

I-70 again!

I-70 for miles west of Denver is known for some of the most interesting engineering of any rural Interstate. You can see that the westbound side is elevated.

I-70 in Idaho Springs, Colo.

The Veterans Memorial Tunnels on I-70 in Idaho Springs. This is where that big construction project was during my 2013 trip to Mesa Verde National Park.

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