Oct. 20-28 2018

We're on the road again and seein' things we'll never see again! Isn't that sad? On I-70 in Idaho Springs, Colo., you can see plumb-bob into town!

I-70 continues past Idaho Springs!

There's no direct Interstate from Denver to Salt Lake City, complicating life for those who want to relocate to a state with more life-running laws but less public benefits.

I think this is I-70/US 6 in Georgetown, Colo. Thus, the road at left would be the old US 6, which becomes Alvarado Road to the northeast (like that guy in Kentucky who always sues people). Maps show that to the southwest, US 6 once had a very interesting switchback.

I-70 near Silver Plume.

I-70 again!

I-70 again and again!

I-70 enters the Eisenhower Tunnel!

Inside the tunnel!

A runaway truck ramp on I-70.

This sign lurked near the runaway truck ramp.

Gee, thanks for the enlightenment. This is the traffic sign equivalent of an Atari kill screen.

I-70 still!

From I-70 near Minturn, this is a view of the tail end of US 24, where it merges into US 6. It parallels the Eagle River, and there's a bridge coming off the road that goes over that.

You guessed it! I-70 galore!

I-70 again, and it appears as if either the Eagle River or the Colorado River is at left.

I-70 rounds a curve.

If you look closely, you can see we're actually on an elevated stretch of I-70 west. I-70 east is visible to the left. It's like this for miles.

A construction gauntlet on I-70.

Another tunnel!

I-70 is the road that keeps on giving! I'll let the next few photos go without comment...

I-70 has this tunnel in Glenwood Springs.

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