Oct. 20-28 2018

I-70/US 6 chugs along in Glenwood Springs, Colo. This freeway overlays the old US 6/24. A hiker-biker path is barely visible at right.

I-70 west of Glenwood Springs. The bridge at left is an abandoned span next to SEC 134 over the Colorado River.

Near De Beque, Colo., this is a view of the old US 6 bridge over the Colorado River.

I-70 southwest of De Beque.

We're finally approaching Grand Junction.

Grand Junction is a city of 60,000. This was once part of Ute territory, before the U.S. government sent the Ute people to a reservation.

Looking out over the Colorado River, the tunnel could be an old rail tunnel under Beavertail Mountain.

I-70/US 6 has its own tunnel under Beavertail Mountain.

As we get closer to Grand Junction, I-70 crosses the Colorado River.

The bottom of the ramp to Horizon Drive in Grand Junction. Notice the horse sculpture in the middle of the roundabout. Google Street View shows this wasn't a roundabout yet in 2015.

Approaching the same pair of roundabouts on Horizon Drive.

The other roundabout in that set.

A bit of a traffic jam on I-70 in Grand Junction.

I-70 continues in Grand Junction!

I don't know if we've picked up US 50 yet, but hey, we could've taken that all the way from Cincinnati!

The sign laments, "LEAVING COLORFUL COLORADO." That's because I-70 is finally entering the state of...

Utah! Utah has a lot of natural beauty but is sadly known for being menaced by right-wing politics. That may change, since it's a growing state, and right-wing tyranny is being increasingly relegated to areas nobody wants to live in, but for the Time Being, Utah is still one of America's political danger zones.

It's the speed limit sign you thought you'd never see!

I-70 continues in Utah.

I-70 near Cisco, Utah. Not Crisco or Sisq, but Cisco.

This has to be I-70. We could've taken UT 128 down to Arches National Park, but it appears that instead we continued to US 191.

This has to be US 191.

US 191 forms a little divided highway.

I was angry the first time I visited Utah, because it was 1996. But this scenery is bright and cheery!

US 191 continues!

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