Kentucky primary state highways are numbered from KY 1 to 3700+. Without further ado, this section of my log covers KY 1 to 999...





Forms complete loop around Lexington, with mileposts beginning at US 27 in Brookhaven (Lexington) and continuing clockwise back to beginning

19.238 mi, all Fayette

Cities: Lexington

Names: New Circle Rd

Companion surface roads: bypasses Lexington

KY 4 was built in stages from the early 1950s to 1967 and forms a complete loop encircling Lexington. This 4-lane divided highway is a freeway except on the east side from KY 922 on the north to US 25 on the south. Although all U.S. routes through Lexington were to be rerouted onto KY 4 and out of the central city, this plan was canceled. The reason for the proposed rerouting was so the city could be responsible for one-way routings and other traffic patterns. (Some maps had shown bypass or even mainline U.S. routes using KY 4 years before this proposal.) KY 4 was once slated to be I-464, even though it didn't touch I-64 or any other Interstate.

The old KY 4 in Pike County from Millard to the Virginia state line became part of US 460.


Begin: KY 237 & River Rd, Francisville

Boone 8.069
Kenton 7.662
Campbell 25.81
Pendleton 4.28

Uses: US 27 (Newport)

Cities: Villa Hills, Bromley, Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, Ft Thomas, Cold Spr, Silver Gr, Melbourne, California, Mentor

River Rd (begin-Hayward St, Bromley)
Pike St (Hayward St, Bromley-Bromley/Ludlow city line)
Elm St (Bromley/Ludlow city line-Traverse St, Ludlow)
Highway Av (Traverse St, Ludlow-Crescent Av, Covington)
Crescent Av (Highway Av, Covington-4th St, Covington)
one-way east, Covington:
   ◦ Crescent Av
   ◦ 5th St
   ◦ Garrard St
one-way west, Covington:
   ◦ 4th St
4th St (Garrard St, Covington-5th St, Newport)
one-way east, Newport:
   ◦ 5th St
one-way west, Newport:
   ◦ 4th St
3rd St (US 27, Newport-Washington Av, Newport)
Washington Av (3rd St, Newport-Dave Cowens Dr, Newport)
Dave Cowens Dr (Washington Av, Newport-Newport/Bellevue city line)
Fairfield Av (Bellevue)
6th Av (Bellevue/Dayton city line-Clay St, Dayton)
Clay St (6th Av, Dayton-4th Av, Dayton)
4th Av (Clay St, Dayton-Dodd Dr, Dayton)
Mary Ingles Hwy (Dodd Dr, Dayton-enter Augusta)

Major bridges: Veterans Mem Br (Licking River, Covington-Newport)

KY 8 mostly follows the Ohio River in northern Kentucky or runs along the streets of various river towns. KY 8 has 2 separate parts that do not connect. Until 2009, it had 3 parts. There may have once been plans to connect them.

What was the first and shortest part of KY 8 became KY 3608 in 2009. It included the road from KY 20 to I-275 near Idlewild. This mile-long road could have been an extension of KY 338, unless the number 338 is sacred or something. Contrary to what a few maps show, there is no road running north from I-275 to connect this with the next section of KY 8.

The longer of the 2 remaining parts of KY 8 begins in northern Boone County. It now begins at KY 237, but until 2014, the KY 8 label continued west to where River Road apparently became Terrell Road - which continued unnumbered from there in this secluded area and trails off into a dead end. It was an eerie feeling to go to the junction with KY 237 and see a full-fledged highway, complete with KY 8 markers, marked with a NO OUTLET sign. KY 8 from the start of the second section to the current KY 20 was once KY 298 (according to old highway plans). From the beginning of the second section, KY 8 runs along the river to Ludlow and then into Covington. Up until about 1956, KY 20 used what is now KY 8 from KY 20's present end to downtown Covington. KY 8 continues through the cities across from Cincinnati and through a seemingly rural area along the river, although this is within the city of Fort Thomas. (Recent maps show KY 8 barely scrapes the town of California.) The road runs along the river to Maysville.

Much of the Francisville-Maysville KY 8 is signed with fluorescent green bike warning signs, despite less-than-ideal conditions for bicyclists. Traffic in some rural areas has increased sharply in recent years, and much of the road lacks shoulders. (My old bike that got stolen after 2 months malfunctioned on KY 8 in Dayton or Fort Thomas, and disaster was narrowly averted.)

Pooing is cool.

Following a gap east of Maysville, the shorter of the 2 remaining sections of KY 8 begins in Concord and runs along the river. It once began in Irwin, but the part from Irwin to Concord became KY 3550 in 2008. It used to end in Vanceburg, but now it continues along what used to be part of KY 10 until 1994.


Begin: KY 10, .9 mi SW of Quincy
End: KY 8, .9 mi SW of Quincy

.127 mi, all Lewis

Renumbered from KY 10C in 1994. The AA Highway used to effectively end with the inclusion of KY 10C.


Begin: KY 8, .2 mi SW of S Portsmouth
End: past OH state line (Ohio River), .5 mi NW of S Portsmouth (bec OH 852)

.61 mi, all Greenup+

Major bridges: Carl Perkins Mem Br (Ohio River)

Spur KY 8 includes the Carl Perkins Memorial Bridge, which opened in 1988, all the way to the north end of the span, which is over Ohio land. Used to be Spur KY 10 before 1994, when this part of KY 10 became KY 8. It is reportedly also Truck US 23, though this is not a state-issued designation.


Known as the John Y. Brown Jr. Alexandria-Ashland (AA) Highway from the beginning to I-275 in Wilder

End: KY 8 & Central Av, Newport

Campbell 23.068

Cities: Alexandria, Cold Spr, Wilder, Newport

Licking Pike (KY 915, Cold Spr-Lowell St, Newport)
W 12th St (Lowell St, Newport-Central Av, Newport)
Central Av (12th St, Newport-end)

KY 9 used to include only Licking Pike in Campbell County and some city streets in Newport. It has since added the AA Highway and its branch to Grayson. The AA now makes up the bulk of KY 9.

I know the AA was completed from Cold Spring to Quincy in late 1990, because my caravan of counterculture cohorts was among the first to drive on it. It was numbered KY 546 then. Built to modern standards with wide shoulders, the AA is mostly 2-lane, except in Campbell County and Maysville where it is a divided 4-lane. It even has a freeway-style interchange at US 27 (numbered as exit 14, a lonely numbered exit). The AA Highway does have a high accident rate and seems to be prone to fog. The branch from Vanceburg to Grayson began in the mid-1990s as KY 694 - but in 1994 (apparently before completion of the Grayson branch) the KY 9 designation was extended along the AA from Wilder to Grayson, while most of the former KY 9 south of the AA became KY 915.

Newport leaders later designed a new KY 9 along the Licking River to KY 8, which may wipe out that neighborhood's industrial charm (though what is thought to be the last yellow stop sign in northern Kentucky was eliminated in 2005 or 2006). That construction project is now under way and is scheduled for completion in 2017. The KY 9 extension is a gentrification land grab: It has wiped out public housing while opening up a vacant space for luxury homes.

The Licking Pike stretch of KY 9 was one of the area's first state routes, shown on maps by 1930. (Was this a continuation of OH 9, the present-day US 127? And since US 27 in northern Kentucky was US 25E in the 1920s, did KY 9 continue south to US 25W in Tennessee, which is also TN 9?)


Known as the John Y. Brown Jr. Alexandria-Ashland (AA) Highway from KY 9 in Lewis County to the end

Begin: KY 915, 1 mi SW of Alexandria

Campbell 13.603
Campbell .605

Cities: Alexandria

Main St (Alexandria)
Flagg Sprs Pike (leave Alexandria-Campbell/Pendleton co line)

Much of KY 10 was built in the 1920s. It once ran concurrent with US 27 from Newport to Alexandria - and well into the 1990s, many maps still showed KY 10 along that route, although KY 10 was in fact removed from US 27 so long ago that I don't even remember it. Through much of recent history KY 10 has begun at what is now KY 915, although from 1984-96 it continued past there and along what is now KY 536 to Visalia using the Al Schneider Bridge. Until 1982 it ran along the present KY 3056 to Maysville.

The Grays Branch leg of the AA Highway was added to KY 10 in 1994, causing the old KY 10 to be renumbered KY 8. This part of KY 10 crosses Greenup Dam to Ohio.

It was reported that, in addition to running from Newport to near Ashland, a 1929 map also showed KY 10 using what is now US 42 from Louisville to Covington. Most of KY 10 was gravel back then, and some of it was a dirt road.

Kenton 1996 - Left Kenton County when KY 536 was extended to Campbell County.

2007 - Hopping onto the KY 10 bridge at Greenup Dam, going from Ohio into Kentucky.

2007 - Coming off the Greenup Dam bridge. The junction sign is meaningless, because we're already on KY 10.

KY 10C - Lewis 1994 - KY 10C of 1988-94 became KY 8C in the great AA Highway renumbering.

SPUR KY 10 - Greenup 1994 - The Carl Perkins Memorial Bridge. Spur KY 10 of 1988-94 became Spur KY 8 in the '94 renumbering.



Owsley 17.444

Cities: Booneville

Names: Main St (enter Booneville-KY 30, Booneville)

BYP KY 11 - Fleming 1986 - The Flemingsburg Bypass before KY 11 was moved from town streets to the bypass.


End: KY 177 & Rich Rd, .1 mi SW of Morning View

Kenton 8.379

Uses: US 25 (Walton-Kenton Co)

Cities: Walton

Verona-Mudlick Rd (begin-KY 16, Verona)
Walton-Verona Rd (KY 16, Verona-KY 1292, Walton)
Mary C Grubbs Hwy (KY 1292, Walton-US 25, Walton)
Bracht-Piner Rd (US 25, Kenton Co-KY 17, Kenton Co)
Rich Rd (KY 17, Kenton Co-end)



Begin: US 127, Glencoe
End: KY 17 & 26th St, Covington

30.11 mi:
Gallatin 10.859
Boone 3.38
Kenton 15.871

Uses: KY 14, US 25 (Verona-Walton)

Cities: Glencoe, Walton, Independence, Taylor Mill, Covington

Glencoe-Verona Rd (Gallatin/Boone co line-KY 14, Verona)
Walton-Nicholson Rd (US 25, Walton-KY 17, Kenton Co)
Taylor Mill Rd (KY 17, Kenton Co-KY 3716, Taylor Mill)
Pride Pkwy (KY 3716, Kenton Co-KY 3716, Taylor Mill)
Taylor Mill Rd (KY 3716, Kenton Co-Grand Av, Taylor Mill)
Winston Av (Grand Av, Taylor Mill-KY 177, Covington)
Decoursey Av (KY 177, Covington-30th St, Covington)
30th St (Decoursey Av, Covington-under CSX RR, Covington)
James Av (under CSX RR, Covington-end)

KY 16 in Covington was once much different: It apparently once ran along 35th and Rogers Street to KY 17. It also used what is now KY 3716 - Taylor Mill Road through Taylor Mill - before Pride Parkway was finished in 2015. Pride Parkway largely parallels and partly replaces Old Taylor Mill Road, which predated plain old Taylor Mill Road but took a shorter path. For some reason, a few locals don't like the name Pride Parkway. One wrote on a gossip website, "Had to drive on 16 today and noticed it was named pride parkway. How sick."

2008 - The KY 16 bridge over Banklick Creek near the Taylor Mill/Covington line.

2002 - KY 16 in Covington's Latonia section as seen from a nearby hill.

2008 - This anti-smoking mural used to be along KY 16 in Covington under the CSX rail overpass - where 30th Street becomes James Avenue.

SPUR KY 16 - Kenton 2015 - Established in 2013 when the Pride Parkway project was under way. Spur KY 16 included Pride Parkway from its north terminus to a dead end, before it was extended south from the dead end and added to KY 16.


Begin: US 27, 2 mi SE of Greenwood
End: past OH state line (Ohio River), Cincinnati OH

34.66 mi:
Pendleton 10.339
Kenton+ 24.321

Cities: Independence, Erlanger, Edgewood, Ft Wright, Kenton Vale, Covington

Madison Pike/Av (Pendleton/Kenton co line-KY 536, Independence; KY 1501, Erlanger-Police Mem Dr, Covington)
E 20th St (Police Mem Dr, Covington-Scott Blvd, Covington)
one-way north, Covington:
   ◦ E 20th St
   ◦ Greenup St
one-way south, Covington:
   ◦ Scott Blvd
Court St (3rd St, Covington-end)

Major bridges: John A Roebling Suspension Br (Ohio River, Covington)

What?! A Kentucky state route in Ohio?! Yes indeedy, my friends, KY 17 uses the historic Roebling Suspension Bridge to Cincinnati. A 1953 topo map marks this as 3 Kentucky state routes, KY 16/17/177, in addition to US 25/42 (even though the C&O Bridge is also shown as US 25/42). (KY 16 now ends at a treacherous 5-way junction with KY 17, and KY 177 ends at a similar 5-way intersection with KY 16.) Kentucky maintenance of the Suspension Bridge ends about where it crosses over Mehring Way, although the approach continues to a roundabout at Theodore M. Berry Way. It wasn't long ago that the span led inside a downtown building: Dixie Terminal, then the epicenter of TANK, northern Kentucky's bus system. I have fond memories of skipping school on Wednesdays in 12th grade and terrorizing Dixie Terminal.

Also, a few Truck KY 17 signs can be spotted on Covington's Madison Avenue, though this is not a state designation. Mainline KY 17 along Greenup or Scott has some clearances that are too low for some trucks. One of these low clearances once sheared the top off a milk truck.

In 2007 the state bowed to the demands of an upscale Covington neighborhood by rerouting KY 17 onto different streets: Northbound used to run on Sterrett, Scott, Wallace, and Greenup; southbound ran on Scott, Wallace, and Madison. North and south nearly crossed at a traffic island at Wallace & Scott. This part of KY 17 was rerouted onto 20th.

A USGS topo map from the 1980s says KY 17 does not enter Kenton Vale, as Kenton Vale's boundaries stop just short of the roadway. This appears to have changed due to KY 17's widening.

2007 - This abandoned bridge approach is part of the pre-1980s KY 17 that straddles the far south side of Covington and Fort Wright.

2007 - This is also along that old stretch of KY 17. Some maps label this as an unincorporated place called Maurice Station.

2007 - Another shot of the old part of KY 17. That rail overpass dates from the 1910s.

2007 - Yet another photo of old KY 17. Much of what is shown here is actually part of the current KY 3148. The unsigned KY 3148 designation ends at the entrance to a state highway garage that is either one of the buildings on the left side of the road or another building behind those structures.

2007 - This is the current KY 17 that replaces the old KY 17 shown in the previous 4 photos. Quite a change, huh?

2006 - North on KY 17 along the Covington/Fort Wright border. The woods at right are threatened by development.

2006 - South on KY 17 in that same area, facing the junction with KY 3070. This scene too is endangered.

2008 - Heading onto the Roebling Suspension Bridge in Cincinnati, looking towards Covington.


Begin: KY 536 & Madison Pike, Independence (uses KY 536 to reconnect with KY 17)
End: KY 17 & Pelly Rd, Independence

2.524 mi, all Kenton

Cities: Independence

Madison Pike (begin-KY 3035, Independence)
Pelly Rd (KY 3035, Independence-end)

This route through Independence's tiny downtown was established in 2009, mostly from the old KY 17.


Doesn't exist now that I-24 pilfered its number. As late as 1964 it appeared on maps running from US 62 in Mason County to KY 2 at Carter.


Begin: KY 30 & Mulberry St, Booneville

Owsley 10.739

Cities: Booneville

Names: S Court St (Booneville)

Major bridges: S Fork Kentucky River, Booneville



Owsley 19.599

Uses: KY 11 (Owsley Co-Booneville)

Cities: Booneville

one-way east, Booneville:
   ◦ S Court St
   ◦ Mulberry St
one-way west, Booneville:
   ◦ N Court St
   ◦ Main St
Mulberry St (N Court St, Booneville-leave Booneville)

Major bridges: S Fork Kentucky River, Booneville


Begin: US 31W, nr Stites (Louisville)

Jefferson .558

Cities: Louisville

Names: Stites Sta Rd (begin-)


Remember back in the 1980s when they had those radio ads where they'd sing, "Man o' War...In your mailbox..."? Well, around that time, KY 50 was Man o' War Boulevard in Lexington. This is an important road - of rather recent vintage - that forms a semicircle for 17 miles on Lexington's south side. The first stretch opened in 1975. The east end of this road is now KY 1425. Wikipedia says, "Dissatisfaction with Man o' War has been widespread in Lexington almost from the road's completion" - since many expected it to be an Interstate-style road. (Some people expect everything to be an Interstate-style road!)

US 421 from Frankfort to Lexington was known as KY 50 until the 1940s.


Became US 231.


Begin: US 27 & Herringer Rd, .2 mi SE of Fairlane
End: KY 8, Carntown

9.054 mi:
Campbell 3.373
Pendleton 5.681

Peach Gr Rd (Campbell Co)
Carntown Rd (KY 10, Pendleton Co-end)



Robertson 16.378

US 68 (Fleming Co-Robertson Co)
US 62 (Mt Olivet)

Cities: Mt Olivet

S Main St (enter Mt Olivet-US 62, Mt Olivet)
Bridgeville Rd (US 62, Mt Olivet-leave Mt Olivet)

Major bridges: N Fork Licking River, Robertson Co-Bracken Co


End: KY 16 & Southern Av, Covington

Kenton 20.36

Cities: Butler, Ryland Hts, Fairview, Taylor Mill, Covington

Bridge St (enter Butler-Mill St, Butler)
Mill St (Bridge St, Butler-leave Butler)
Decoursey Pike/Av (Kenton Co)

Major bridges: Licking River, Butler

KY 177, much of which parallels the west bank of the Licking River, is perhaps most valued because of the time we kept tossing wooden boards out the car window after I had demolished an old playhouse in my back yard - because the garbage collector wouldn't take them. Hey, that was 1985, so it's not like the statute of limitations is still going. (The site of the playhouse's burial is near where that church where the Brossart "retoolings" took place, where the toilet got clogged with a Mello Yello can and where we put pennies on the railroad track to see if we could derail trains.) For 2 months in 1997, the part of KY 177 in Covington was taken back by the city in a spat over truck traffic - accounting for the word "TO" above the KY 177 signs.

In the olden days, KY 177 did run a bit past its current north end. My best guess from an official map is that it piggybacked on KY 16 on Rogers Street, then went west on 34th, south on Eugenia, west on 35th, and along Latonia Avenue to KY 17.

2006 - South on KY 177 from the route's northern terminus at a 5-way intersection in Covington's Latonia neighborhood.

2006 - Continuing south on KY 177 near 46th Street.

2006 - South on the KY 177 bridge over Banklick Creek.


Begin: Terminal Dr (Cincinnati/N KY Intl Airport), 2 mi SW of Stringtown
End: KY 20, .6 mi SW of Stringtown

1.131 mi, all Boone

A divided highway for airport access - and though not a freeway, it sports an interchange to KY 236. I once biked the shoulder of one of the ramps to KY 236, since KY 212 itself is a surface road, after all. The road was built in 1972, and I have a map from about 1973 that says this is part of KY 1334, curving around the airport from Youell Road, but it's been KY 212 as long as I can remember. There is photographic evidence from 1974 confirming that it was KY 1334.


Begin: KY 1303, Erlanger
End: Loomis Rd & Clay Dr (Cincinnati/N KY Intl Airport), 2 mi SW of Stringtown

6.538 mi:
Kenton 2.801
Boone 3.737

Cities: Erlanger

Stevenson Rd (begin-US 25, Erlanger)
Commonwealth Av (US 25, Erlanger-Kenton/Boone co line)
Donaldson Hwy (Boone Co)

The part of KY 236 called Donaldson Highway - named for a highway commissioner and candidate for governor - wasn't even built until 1943, when it was constructed as the main road to the Boone County Airport (now the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport). This was KY 442 until at least 1950. A small part of the original route now sits abandoned because of the airport's expansion, and much of the original road is completely obliterated.


Begin: KY 536 & Gunpowder Rd, Union
End: KY 8, Francisville

14.778 mi, all Boone

Cities: Union, Florence

Gunpowder Rd (begin-US 42, Union)
Pleasant Valley Rd (US 42-Camp Ernst Rd, Burlington)
Camp Ernst Rd (Pleasant Valley Rd, Burlington-KY 18, Burlington)
N Bend Rd (KY 18, Burlington-end)

KY 237 used to include Limaburg Road too, but a modern divided highway replaced that stretch in 1981. Gunpowder Road was added to KY 237 in 2005.

In 2009, work was scheduled to begin on widening parts of KY 237 to 5 or 7 lanes, despite the fact that the public (in the interest of preservation) only wanted 3 lanes. This project was said to cost about 25 families their homes. Maddeningly, most of these were historic houses and had to be demolished for a project designed to handle traffic for newer, wealthier subdivisions. Money talks, I guess. Perhaps the only positive aspect of this project was the inclusion of a bike path. (Cincinnati Enquirer 9/24/2006)


Begin: US 25 & Richwood Rd, Richwood
End: KY 20 & Martin Rd, Idlewild

32.228 mi, all Boone

Uses: US 42

Richwood Rd (begin-US 42)
Beaver Rd (US 42-Lower River Rd, Rabbit Hash)
E Bend Rd (Lower River Rd, Rabbit Hash-Featherstone Dr, Burlington)
Jefferson St (Featherstone Dr, Burlington-Temperate St, Burlington)
Idlewild Rd (Temperate St, Burlington-end)

All those miles with no incorporated places, KY 338 runs southwest, west, northeast, and northwest. It runs to Big Bone Lick State Park, where a grouchy state trooper who reminded me of the sheriff in Smokey And The Bandit once chased us away from the pond. KY 338 then goes through Burlington on Jefferson Street.


Begin: US 62, Midway
End: Woodford/Scott co line, 1.9 mi NE of Midway

1.351 mi, all Woodford

Cities: Midway

Names: Georgetown Rd


Begin: KY 17 & Eaton Dr, Ft Wright
End: KY 8, Villa Hills

6.947 mi, all Kenton

Uses: US 25 (Ft Mitchell)

Cities: Ft Wright, Egdewood, Ft Mitchell, Lakeside Park, Crescent Sprs, Villa Hills

Orphanage Rd (begin-US 25, Ft Mitchell)
Buttermilk Pike (US 25, Lakeside Park-Western Reserve Rd, Crescent Sprs)
Collins Rd (Western Reserve Rd, Villa Hills-Amsterdam Rd, Villa Hills)
Amsterdam Rd (Collins Rd, Villa Hills-end)

KY 371 has many faces for its short length, but it ain't always the best for bicycle commuting - whether due to too many hills, shoulders ruined by grooves that wear down bike tires, or the fact that near the west end of KY 371 rests the sewage plant that is the most likely source of the insufferable Mineola Stink (named for nearby Mineola Pike). The part of KY 371 in Crescent Springs was built in the 1960s on a new road overlaying Collier Avenue. As far as I know, Collier Avenue was not named for Don Collier, who played the Gum Fighter in the Hubba Bubba commercials.


Begin: KY 8, Ft Thomas
End: US 27, Ft Thomas

1.276 mi, all Campbell

Uses: KY 1120

Cities: Ft Thomas

River Rd (begin-KY 1120)
Grandview Av (KY 1120-end)

The bulk of KY 445 is River Road, linking KY 8 with most of Fort Thomas. I feared River Road as a child because it crossed a heavily wooded area, but the road is actually much less forbidding and in better shape than similar roads in the county. For its part, Grandview is a short residential street descending the ridge from Fort Thomas Avenue to US 27.

2006 - Northwest on KY 445 from KY 8. I believe this rock cut was probably made in the early 1970s or so to reroute KY 445 here to make room for I-275.

2006 - Southeast on KY 445 towards KY 8. The I-275 bridge is visible in the background.

2006 - Looking southeast towards KY 8 on the old part of KY 445 that was bypassed when I-275 was built. For a while, KY 445 actually split and used both this road and a fork to the north roughly paralleling the new road's path.


Begin: Lk Barkley Canal, 1 mi SE of Grand Rivers

Lyon .399


The Trace (Lyon Co)

Major bridges: Lk Barkley Canal, Lyon Co

KY 453 used to continue south to the Tennessee line through Land Between the Lakes on a scenic road that is now just called The Trace.


Begin: US 27 & Sunset Dr, Highland Hts
End: I-275, Highland Hts (bec I-471)

.698 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Highland Hts

Companion surface roads: US 27

What's signed as the southernmost stretch of I-471 has actually been KY 471 since being officially demoted from an Interstate in 1990. This is the section whose southern terminus is at Malfunction Junction - an at-grade intersection with US 27 dogged by mind-numbing engineering flaws and traffic jams both before and after it was redesigned.

1986 - This historic aerial photo shows almost all of what is now KY 471 before the reconstruction of Malfunction Junction. That's US 27 forking off to the right.


Lincoln 2001 - Ran from KY 198 to KY 78.


Begin: KY 338, Rabbit Hash
End: US 27, Claryville

28.665 mi:
Boone 14.746
Kenton 10.474
Campbell 3.445

KY 16 (Independence)
KY 177 (Kenton Co)

Cities: Union, Florence, Independence

Rabbit Hash Rd (begin-KY 2852, Boone Co)
Hathaway Rd (KY 2852, Boone Co-Old Union Rd, Union)
Mt Zion Rd (Old Union Rd, Union-KY 1303, Independence)
Bristow Rd (KY 1303, Independence-KY 2045, Independence)
Independence Rd (KY 2045, Independence-Shaw Rd, Independence)
Shaw Rd (Independence Rd, Independence-KY 17, Independence)
Harris Pike (KY 17, Independence-KY 16, Independence)
Maverick Rd (KY 16, Independence-Staffordsburg Rd, Kenton Co)
Staffordsburg Rd (Maverick Rd, Kenton Co-Visalia Rd, Kenton Co)
Visalia Rd (Staffordsburg Rd, Kenton Co-KY 177, Kenton Co)
Creektrace Rd (KY 1936, Claryville-end)

Major bridges: Al Schneider Br (Licking River, Kenton Co-Campbell Co)

KY 536 used to run only from near Rabbit Hash to Union and on Frogtown Road to near Richwood, but in 1991 it was rerouted off Frogtown Road and onto Mount Zion Road (formerly KY 2953) and extended east along what was part of KY 1303. In 1996 it was extended across the Al Schneider Bridge and along an upgraded part of Pond Creek Road, which was extended along a sparkling new road to US 27. This is, in effect, the "cross-county" highway planners had been dreaming of for years - so maybe now they'll quit complaining. This part of Pond Creek Road was renamed Creektrace Road in the early 2000s.

Aw, who are we kidding? Right-wing politicians have already announced they want a new freeway loop paralleling KY 536. What a big waste that would be. In addition, future plans call for extending KY 536 to the AA Highway.


Begin: US 62, 1 mi W of Mt Olivet

Robertson 5.273

Major bridges: N Fork Licking River, Robertson Co-Bracken Co


Greenup/Lewis/Mason/Bracken/Pendleton/Campbell 1994 - The original number for the AA Highway (including the leg to Grays Branch but not to Grayson) before it became KY 9 and 10 in 1994. It was designated KY 546 in 1988, when construction was just commencing. (I know construction got under way around that time, because that was around the time I had to walk 7 miles home from high school because the principal made me miss the bus, and I had to traverse a dangerous temporary detour of US 27 that lacked shoulders. Now that could have been a great lawsuit.) The AA Highway from Quincy to Cold Spring opened in 1990.


Begin: KY 10, Alexandria
End: KY 8, Silver Gr

6.517 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Alexandria, Melbourne, Silver Gr

Riley Rd (begin-Nelson Rd)
Four Mile Rd (Nelson Rd-end)

Once used the current KY 1997 instead of going straight to Alexandria. The current KY 547 was known as Alexandria-Four Mile Road before becoming Riley Road and Four Mile Road in the 2000s.

2006 - This is believed to be KY 547 heading south from Silver Grove.


Begin: KY 1029 & 2505, 3 mi SW of Alhambra

Robertson 12.318

Uses: US 62 (Robertson Co)

Names: Wolf Run Rd (US 62, Robertson Co-)

Major bridges: N Fork Licking River, Robertson Co-Mason Co


Begin: US 62, .6 mi E of Kentontown
End: KY 165 & Piqua Ln, .3 mi NW of Piqua

5.363 mi, all Robertson

Names: Piqua-Kentontown Rd


Begin: US 27, Alexandria
End: KY 9 & Thelma Lee Dr, Alexandria

.476 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Alexandria

Names: E Alexandria Pike (begin-E Alexandria Pike)

Old: US 27 (begin-E Alexandria Pike)

I discovered KY 709 in person in 2000. (It was actually established in 1999.) In full, East Alexandria Pike is the pre-1941 alignment of US 27.


Begin: KY 842 & I-75 ramps, Florence
End: KY 3076 & Turfway Rd, Erlanger

2.779 mi:
Boone 2.411
Kenton .368

Uses: KY 1017 (Florence-Boone Co)

Cities: Florence, Erlanger

Thoroughbred Blvd (begin-KY 1017, Florence)
Turfway Rd (KY 1017, Boone Co-end)

KY 717, established in 1987, originally acted like an extension of the ramps for southbound I-75 at the KY 1017 exit. These ramps are unusual in that they terminate at KY 842, which parallels I-75, while KY 717 continues straight at the end of the ramps as Thoroughbred Boulevard. I always assumed that the reason the interchange has such an odd design is because of the existence of what was then St. Luke Hospital West. The hospital might have had a Snuffleupagus trunk that flapped around in the wind like a lot of hospitals did, and the state probably didn't want to disturb that.

In 2014, KY 717 was extended north along Turfway Road, which had been KY 1017.


Begin: KY 10, Flagg Spr
End: KY 8, Mentor

.98 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Mentor

Names: Smith Rd


According to an old Louisville map, what is now I-264 - when it was open only from US 31E to US 60 on the east - was KY 738.


Begin: US 27, .6 mi S of Aspen Gr
End: KY 1121, Persimmon Gr

3.069 mi, all Campbell

Names: Race Track Rd


Begin: US 60, Columbus (Lexington)
End: KY 57, Avon (Lexington)

3.249 mi, all Fayette

Cities: Lexington

Names: Haley Rd


Begin: KY 165, 2 mi SE of Hittville

Robertson 3.079

Major bridges: N Fork Licking River, Robertson Co-Bracken Co


Begin: Barge Island Rd, 1 mi SE of Birmingham
End: Kentucky Lk, 1 mi S of Birmingham

.53 mi, all Marshall


Begin: US 27 & Lickert Rd, .3 mi NE of Claryville
End: KY 9, Cold Spr

9.295 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Cold Spr

Camel Crossing (begin-Mallard Dr)
Licking Pike (Mallard Dr-end)

Old: KY 9 (Mallard Dr-end)

Established in 1994, mostly from what had been part of KY 9. KY 9, however, went to the south end of Licking Pike at US 27 instead of onto what is now Camel Crossing, which was renamed from West Lickert Road in the early 2000s because Campbell County High School's team name is the Camels. Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it?

Logan 1989


Begin: KY 402, .5 mi W of Joppa
End: US 68, Fairdealing

6.879 mi, all Marshall

Names: Old Olive Rd

Used to continue on Barge Island Road for as long as it dared.

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