Kentucky primary state highways are numbered from KY 1 to 3600+. Without further ado, this section of my log covers KY 1 to 999...



Begin: KY 237 & River Rd, 2.4 mi N of Francisville
End: Biz US 62, Maysville

77.23 mi:
Boone 8.069
Kenton 7.662
Campbell 25.81
Pendleton 4.28
Bracken 18.991
Mason 12.33

Uses: US 27 (Newport)

Cities: Villa Hills, Bromley, Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, Ft Thomas, Silver Gr, Melbourne, California, Mentor, Foster, Augusta

River Rd (begin-Hayward St, Bromley)
Pike St (Hayward St, Bromley-Bromley/Ludlow city line)
Elm St (Bromley/Ludlow city line-Traverse St, Ludlow)
Highway Av (Traverse St, Ludlow-Crescent Av, Covington)
Crescent Av (Highway Av, Covington-4th St, Covington)
one-way, Covington:
   ◦ E -
      ▪ Crescent Av
      ▪ 5th St
      ▪ Garrard St
   ◦ W - 4th St
4th St (Garrard St, Covington-5th St, Newport)
one-way, Newport:
   ◦ E - 5th St
   ◦ W - 4th St
3rd St (US 27, Newport-Washington Av, Newport)
Washington Av (3rd St, Newport-Dave Cowens Dr, Newport)
Dave Cowens Dr (Washington Av, Newport-Newport/Bellevue city line)
Fairfield Av (Bellevue)
6th Av (Bellevue/Dayton city line-Clay St, Dayton)
Clay St (6th Av, Dayton-4th Av, Dayton)
4th Av (Clay St, Dayton-Dodd Dr, Dayton)
Mary Ingles Hwy (Dodd Dr, Dayton-enter Augusta)
Heather Renee French Blvd (Augusta)
Mary Ingles Hwy (leave Augusta-enter Maysville)
W 2nd St (enter Maysville-Wall St, Maysville)
Wall St (2nd St, Maysville-3rd St, Maysville)
3rd St (Wall St, Maysville-end)

Major bridges: Veterans Mem Br (Licking River, Covington-Newport)

KY 10 (KY 3056, Maysville-3rd St, Maysville)
US 62 (3rd St, Maysville-end)


Begin: KY 57 & 3550, Concord
End: US 23, 1 mi E of S Portsmouth

35.383 mi:
Lewis 32.36
Greenup 3.023

Cities: Concord, Vanceburg

3rd St (begin-leave Concord)
2nd St (KY 2525, Vanceburg-leave Vanceburg)

Old: KY 10 (KY 3037, Vanceburg-end)

KY 8 mostly follows the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky or runs along the streets of various river towns. KY 8 has 2 separate parts that do not connect. Until 2009, it had 3 parts. There may have once been plans to connect them.

What was the first and shortest part of KY 8 became KY 3608 in 2009. It included the road from KY 20 to I-275 near Idlewild. This mile-long road could have been an extension of KY 338, unless the number 338 is sacred or something. Contrary to what a few maps show, there is no road running north from I-275 to connect this with the next section of KY 8.

The longer of the 2 remaining parts of KY 8 begins in northern Boone County. It now begins at KY 237, but until 2014, the KY 8 label continued west to where River Road apparently became Terrell Road - which continued unnumbered from there in this secluded area and trails off into a dead end. It was an eerie feeling to go to the junction with KY 237 and see a full-fledged highway, complete with KY 8 markers, marked with a NO OUTLET sign. KY 8 from the start of the second section to the current KY 20 was once KY 298 (according to old highway plans). From the beginning of the second section, KY 8 runs along the river to Ludlow and then into Covington. Up until about 1956, KY 20 used what is now KY 8 from KY 20's present end to downtown Covington. KY 8 continues through the cities across from Cincinnati and through a seemingly rural area along the river, although this is within the city of Fort Thomas. (Recent maps show KY 8 barely scrapes the town of California.) The road runs along the river to Maysville.

Much of the Francisville-Maysville KY 8 is signed with fluorescent green bike warning signs, despite less-than-ideal conditions for bicyclists. Traffic in some rural areas has increased sharply in recent years, and much of the road lacks shoulders. (My old bike that got stolen after 2 months malfunctioned on KY 8 in Dayton or Fort Thomas, and disaster was narrowly averted.)

Pooing is cool.

Following a gap east of Maysville, the shorter of the 2 remaining sections of KY 8 begins in Concord and runs along the river. It once began in Irwin, but the part from Irwin to Concord became KY 3550 in 2008. It used to end in Vanceburg, but now it continues along what used to be part of KY 10 until 1994.


Known as the John Y. Brown Jr. Alexandria-Ashland (AA) Highway from the beginning to I-275 in Wilder

Begin: KY 1, .2 mi N of Grayson city line
End: KY 8 & Central Av, Newport

114.146 mi:
Carter 18.262
Lewis 31.218
Mason 17.402
Bracken 19.857
Pendleton 4.339
Campbell 23.068

Uses: US 62 (Maysville)

Cities: Alexandria, Cold Spr, Wilder, Newport

Martin Luther King Hwy (Maysville)
Licking Pike (I 275, Wilder-Lowell St, Newport)
W 12th St (Lowell St, Newport-Central Av, Newport)
Central Av (12th St, Newport-end)


Known as the John Y. Brown Jr. Alexandria-Ashland (AA) Highway from KY 9 in Lewis County to the end

Begin: KY 915, 1 mi SW of Alexandria city line
End: OH state line (Ohio River), 1.6 mi SE of Grays Branch (bec OH 253)

91.961 mi:
Campbell 13.603
Pendleton .874
Campbell .605
Pendleton 10.27
Bracken 20.67
Mason 13.261
Lewis 19.834
Greenup 12.844

KY 9, Biz US 62 (Mason Co-Maysville)
KY 9 (Lewis Co)

Cities: Alexandria, Brooksville, Germantown

Main St (Alexandria)
Flagg Sprs Pike (leave Alexandria-Campbell/Pendleton co line)
Willow-Lenoxburg Rd (Pendleton/Bracken co line-KY 22, Bracken Co)
Powersville-Willow Rd (KY 22, Bracken Co-KY 19, Bracken Co)
Brooksville-Powersville Rd (KY 19, Bracken Co-enter Brooksville)
Frankfort Rd (enter Brooksville-KY 19, Brooksville)
Miami St (KY 19, Brooksville-leave Brooksville)
Brooksville-Germantown Rd (leave Brooksville-Bracken/Mason co line)
Kentucky Av (Biz US 62, Maysville-Commerce St, Maysville)
Forest Av (Commerce St, Maysville-leave Maysville)
Mason-Lewis Rd (leave Maysville-Mason/Lewis co line)

Major bridges:
Kehoe Via (Maysville)
Jesse Stuart Mem Br [Greenup Dam] (Ohio River, Greenup Co)


Begin: US 42, .2 mi NE of Hume
End: KY 177 & Rich Rd, .1 mi SW of Morning View

17.209 mi:
Boone 8.83
Kenton 8.379

Uses: US 25 (Walton-Bracht)

Cities: Walton

Verona-Mudlick Rd (begin-KY 16, Boone Co)
Walton-Verona Rd (Eads Rd, Boone Co-KY 1292, Walton)
Mary C Grubbs Hwy (KY 1292, Walton-US 25, Walton)
Bracht-Piner Rd (US 25, Kenton Co-KY 17, Kenton Co)
Rich Rd (KY 17, Kenton Co-end)


Begin: US 127, Glencoe
End: KY 17 & 26th St, Covington

30.909 mi:
Gallatin 10.859
Boone 3.38
Kenton 16.67

Uses: KY 14, US 25 (Verona-Walton)

Cities: Glencoe, Walton, Independence, Taylor Mill, Covington

Glencoe-Verona Rd (Gallatin/Boone co line-KY 14, Boone Co)
Walton-Nicholson Rd (US 25, Walton-KY 17, Kenton Co)
Taylor Mill Rd (KY 17, Kenton Co-Grand Av, Taylor Mill)
Winston Av (Grand Av, Taylor Mill-KY 177, Covington)
Decoursey Av (KY 177, Covington-30th St, Covington)
30th St (Decoursey Av, Covington-under CSX RR, Covington)
James Av (under CSX RR, Covington-end)


Begin: dead end, Taylor Mill
End: KY 16, Taylor Mill

.705 mi, all Kenton

Cities: Taylor Mill

Names: Pride Pkwy

Established in 2013 with the KY 16 reconstruction project. Pride Parkway largely replaces Old Taylor Mill Road and will be extended south from the dead end.


Begin: US 27, 1.2 mi N of Elizabethville
End: .07 mi past OH state line (Ohio River), Cincinnati OH

34.66 mi:
Pendleton 10.339
Kenton+ 24.321

Cities: Independence, Erlanger, Edgewood, Ft Wright, Kenton Vale, Covington

Madison Pike/Av (Pendleton/Kenton co line-Biz KY 17, Independence; KY 1501, Erlanger-Police Mem Dr, Covington)
E 20th St (Police Mem Dr, Covington-Scott Blvd, Covington)
one-way, Covington:
   ◦ N -
      ▪ E 20th St
      ▪ Greenup St
   ◦ S - Scott Blvd
Court St (3rd St, Covington-end)

Major bridges: John A Roebling Suspension Br (Ohio River, Covington)


Begin: KY 536 & Madison Pike, Independence (uses KY 536 to reconnect with KY 17)
End: KY 17 & Pelly Rd, Independence

2.524 mi, all Kenton

Cities: Independence

Madison Pike (begin-KY 3035)
Pelly Rd (Pelly Rd-end)


Begin: KY 338, 1.7 mi NE of Rabbit Hash
End: KY 1017 & Curtis Av, Florence

16.632 mi, all Boone

Cities: Florence

McVille Rd (begin-Sycamore St, Belleview)
Burlington Pike (Sycamore St, Belleview-S Pointe Dr, Burlington)
Washington St (S Pointe Dr, Burlington-Orient St, Burlington)
Burlington Pike (Orient St, Burlington-end)


Begin: US 62, .3 mi NE of Claysville
End: KY 8 & Nerva Dr, Augusta

19.88 mi:
Harrison 2.862
Bracken 17.018

Uses: KY 10 (Powersville-Brooksville)

Cities: Brooksville, Augusta

Powersville-Harrison Co Rd (Harrison/Bracken co line-KY 10, Bracken Co)
Dwayne "Pie" Jett Hwy (KY 10, Brooksville-Brooksville Chatham Rd, Bracken Co)
Brooksville-Chatham Rd (Dwayne Pie Jett Hwy, Bracken Co-KY 875, Bracken Co)
Augusta-Chatham Rd (KY 875, Bracken Co-end)

The part of KY 19 that officially counts with Harrison County actually runs right on the Robertson County line.


Begin: KY 18, .8 mi N of Belleview
End: KY 8, .5 mi SE of Stringtown

20.725 mi, all Boone

Belleview Rd (begin-Mill St, Petersburg)
3rd St (Mill St, Petersburg-Market St, Petersburg)
Petersburg Rd (Market St, Petersburg-end)


Begin: US 42, .3 mi NE of Northfield city line, Louisville
End: KY 10, .1 mi N of Willow

100.983 mi:
Jefferson 6.318
Oldham 14.509
Henry 22.528
Owen 18.444
Grant 15.56
Pendleton 19.237
Bracken 4.387

US 421 (Henry Co-Pleasureville)
US 127 (Owenton)
US 25 (Dry Ridge-Williamstown)
US 27 (Elizabethville-Falmouth)

Cities: Dry Ridge, Williamstown, Falmouth

Seminary Dr (begin-Brownsboro Rd, Louisville)
Brownsboro Rd (Seminary Dr, Louisville-KY 1694, Louisville)
Ballardsville Rd (KY 1694, Louisville-KY 322, Henry Co)
W Broadway (enter Eminence-KY 55, Eminence)
Main St (KY 55, Eminence-KY 55, Eminence)
Elm St (KY 55, Eminence-leave Eminence)
Bethlehem Rd (US 421, Pleasureville-KY 389, Henry Co)
Main St (Henry/Owen co line-KY 355, Gratz)
Watkins Rd (KY 355, Gratz-Crittenden St, Gratz)
Crittenden St (Watkins Rd, Gratz-leave Gratz)
Seminary St (enter Owenton-US 127, Owenton)
Taft Hwy (Owen/Grant co line-KY 467, Dry Ridge)
Broadway St (KY 467, Dry Ridge-Biz KY 22, Dry Ridge)
Dry Ridge Byp (Biz KY 22, Dry Ridge-US 25, Dry Ridge)
Paris St (US 25, Williamstown-Cynthiana St, Williamstown)
Falmouth Rd (Cynthiana St, Williamstown-Grant/Pendleton co line)
Haberer Rd (Airport Rd, Pendleton Co-US 27, Pendleton Co)
Main St (US 27, Falmouth-2nd St, Falmouth)
E 2nd St (Main St, Falmouth-leave Falmouth)
Willow-Neave Rd (Bracken Co)

Major bridges:
Kentucky River, Gratz
Licking River, Falmouth


Begin: KY 22, Dry Ridge
End: Biz US 25, Dry Ridge (uses Biz US 25 to reconnect with KY 22)

.336 mi, all Grant

Cities: Dry Ridge

Names: Broadway St

Old: KY 22

KY 22 was moved to the new bypass in 2005, and in 2006 the bypassed part of KY 22 became Biz KY 22.


Begin: US 127, .1 mi S of Bromley
End: US 42, Warsaw

12.833 mi:
Owen 4.132
Gallatin 8.701

Cities: Sparta, Warsaw

Main St (Owen/Gallatin co line-Hill St, Sparta)
Sparta Pike (Hill St, Sparta-enter Warsaw)
Main Cross St (Warsaw)

KY 35 begins near Bromley in Owen County - not the Kenton County town.


Begin: US 421, Milton
End: US 460 & Cannoy Dr, Frenchburg

120.271 mi:
Trimble 2.211
Carroll 23.629
Owen 11.896
Grant 24.311
Harrison 15.647
Nicholas 12.807
Bath 23.615
Menifee 6.155

US 42 (Carroll Co-Carrollton)
US 127 (Owen Co-Long Ridge)
US 25 (Williamstown)
US 27, KY 32, US 68 (Cynthiana-Nicholas Co)
KY 32 (Carlisle)
KY 11 (Bath Co)
US 60 (Owingsville)

Cities: Williamstown

Ferry St (begin-Ferry St, Milton)
Owenton Rd (US 42, Carrollton-KY 227, Carrollton)
Easterday Rd (KY 227, Carrollton-Sycamore Cir, Carroll Co)
Pike St (KY 47, Sanders-Carroll/Owen co line)
Jonesville Rd (US 127, Owen Co-US 25, Williamstown)
Cordova Rd (US 25, Williamstown-Grant/Harrison co line)
Williamstown Rd (KY 1743, Harrison Co-KY 356, Cynthiana)
W Pleasant St (KY 356, Cynthiana-US 27, Cynthiana)
Concrete Rd (US 68, Nicholas Co-KY 32, Carlisle)
E Main St (KY 32, Carlisle-leave Carlisle)
Moorefield Rd (leave Carlisle-KY 11, Bath Co)
Slate Av (US 60, Owingsville-Water Plant Rd, Owingsville)


Begin: KY 36 & Sparta-Sanders Rd, Sanders
End: US 42 & Main Cross St, Ghent

9.851 mi:
Carroll 1.955
Gallatin .312
Carroll 7.584

Cities: Sanders, Ghent

Names: Main Cross St (Ghent)


Begin: US 27 & Herringer Rd, .2 mi SE of Fairlane
End: KY 8, Carntown

9.054 mi:
Campbell 3.373
Pendleton 5.681

Peach Gr Rd (Campbell Co)
Carntown Rd (KY 10, Pendleton Co-end)


Begin: KY 22, Falmouth
End: KY 9, 2.7 mi NE of Mt Auburn

12.928 mi, all Pendleton

Uses: KY 10 (Mt Auburn-Pendleton Co)

Cities: Falmouth

Names: New Hope Rd (KY 10-end)

New Hope Road (labeled as Mount Auburn-Foster Road on earlier maps) was added to KY 159 in 1999.


Begin: KY 32, .7 mi W of Elizaville
End: KY 19, .9 mi S of Powersville

26.487 mi:
Fleming 6.239
Robertson 16.792
Bracken 3.456

US 68 (Fairview-Robertson Co)
US 62 (Mt Olivet)


S Main St (Mt Olivet city line-US 62, Mt Olivet)
Bridgeville Rd (US 62, Mt Olivet-Mt Olivet city line)
Old Oakland Rd (Bracken Co)


Begin: KY 159, .6 mi N of Pleasant Hill
End: KY 16 & Southern Av, Covington

29.957 mi:
Pendleton 9.597
Kenton 20.36

Cities: Butler, Ryland Hts, Fairview, Taylor Mill, Covington

Bridge St (enter Butler-Mill St, Butler)
Mill St (Bridge St, Butler-leave Butler)
Decoursey Pike/Av (Kenton Co)


Begin: KY 47, .5 mi NW of Carson
End: US 42, 1.3 mi W of Ethridge

6.253 mi:
Carroll .037
Gallatin 6.216

Names: Walnut Valley Rd


Begin: Terminal Dr (Cincinnati/N KY Intl Airport), 2.6 mi S of Stringtown
End: KY 20, 1.5 mi SW of Stringtown

1.131 mi, all Boone


Begin: KY 1303, Erlanger
End: KY 212 & Donaldson Hwy, 2.3 mi SW of Stringtown

6.538 mi:
Kenton 2.801
Boone 3.737

Cities: Erlanger

Stevenson Rd (begin-US 25, Erlanger)
Commonwealth Av (US 25, Erlanger-Kenton/Boone co line)
Donaldson Hwy (Kenton/Boone co line-end)


Begin: KY 536 & Gunpowder Rd, Union
End: KY 8, 2.4 mi N of Francisville

14.778 mi, all Boone

Cities: Union, Florence

Gunpowder Rd (begin-US 42, Union)
Pleasant Valley Rd (US 42, Florence-Camp Ernst Rd)
Camp Ernst Rd (Pleasant Valley Rd-KY 18)
N Bend Rd (KY 18-end)


Begin: KY 227, Hallam
End: US 27 & Ed Monroe Rd, .2 mi NW of Falmouth city line

38.036 mi:
Owen 14.222
Grant 10.588
Pendleton 13.226

US 25 (Corinth)
KY 36 (Cordova)

Cities: Corinth

Owenton Rd (Owen/Grant co line, Grant Co-US 25, Corinth)
Corinth Rd (US 25, Corinth-Grant/Pendleton co line)


Begin: US 25 & Richwood Rd, .1 mi SE of Richwood
End: KY 20 & Martin Rd, Idlewild

32.228 mi, all Boone

Uses: US 42

Richwood Rd (begin-US 42)
Beaver Rd (US 42-Lower River Rd)
E Bend Rd (Lower River Rd-Featherstone Dr, Burlington)
Jefferson St (Featherstone Dr, Burlington-Temperate St, Burlington)
Idlewild Rd (Temperate St, Burlington-end)


Begin: Parina Pike, 3.4 mi SE of Stonewall
End: KY 875, .1 mi S of Stonewall

3.253 mi, all Bracken

Names: Garrison Rd


Begin: KY 17 & Eaton Dr, Ft Wright
End: KY 8, Villa Hills

6.947 mi, all Kenton

Uses: US 25 (Ft Mitchell)

Cities: Ft Wright, Ft Mitchell, Lakeside Park, Crescent Sprs, Villa Hills

Orphanage Rd (begin-US 25, Ft Mitchell)
Buttermilk Pike (US 25, Lakeside Park-Western Reserve Rd, Crescent Sprs)
Collins Rd (Western Reserve Rd, Villa Hills-Amsterdam Rd, Villa Hills)
Amsterdam Rd (Collins Rd, Villa Hills-end)


Begin: KY 10, Fernleaf
End: KY 8, Augusta

11.193 mi:
Mason 4.505
Bracken 6.688

Cities: Augusta

Minerva-Dover Rd (KY 1235, Mason Co-Mason/Bracken co line)
Augusta-Minerva Rd (Bracken Co)


Begin: KY 8, Ft Thomas
End: US 27, Ft Thomas

1.276 mi, all Campbell

Uses: KY 1120

Cities: Ft Thomas

River Rd (begin-KY 1120)
Grandview Av (KY 1120-end)


Begin: KY 16, Glencoe
End: KY 35 & Mourning Dove Dr, .7 mi SW of Warsaw city line

7.111 mi, all Gallatin

Uses: US 127 (Glencoe)

Cities: Glencoe

Cemetery Rd (begin-US 127, Glencoe)
Johnson Hill Rd (US 127, Glencoe-end)


Begin: KY 47, 1.8 mi W of Sparta city line
End: KY 455, 3.2 mi NW of Glencoe city line

7.199 mi, all Gallatin

Cities: Sparta

Names: Boone Rd


Begin: KY 227, .3 mi W of Worthville city line
End: KY 177 & DeMossville Rd, .2 mi SW of DeMossville

41.287 mi:
Carroll 5.134
Gallatin 9.994
Grant 15.874
Pendleton 10.285

KY 36, KY 47 (Eagle-Sanders)
KY 35 (Sparta)
US 127 (Glencoe)
KY 22, US 25 (Dry Ridge)
KY 17 (Pendleton Co)

Cities: Sparta, Glencoe, Dry Ridge

Glencoe-Sparta Rd (enter Glencoe-US 127, Glencoe)
Collins St (US 127, Glencoe-leave Glencoe)
Warsaw Rd (Gallatin/Grant co line-KY 22, Dry Ridge)
Knoxville Rd (US 25, Dry Ridge-Grant/Pendleton co line)


Begin: US 27 & Sunset Dr, Highland Hts
End: I-275, Highland Hts (bec I-471)

.698 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Highland Hts

Companion surface roads: US 27



Begin: KY 22, Williamstown
End: S of Williamstown Lk Dam, nr Williamstown

3.045 mi, all Grant

Cities: Williamstown

Fairview Rd (begin-KY 2362, Williamstown)
Draper Rd (KY 2362, Williamstown-end)


Begin: N of Williamstown Lk Dam, .2 mi N of Williamstown city line
End: KY 467, 1.3 mi NW of Williamstown city line

1.062 mi, all Grant

Names: Day Rd

There is no road crossing the dam, and it appears there was no unbroken road there before the creation of the dam. It also appears as if KY 489 once followed what is now KY 2362 into Pendleton County (while including most of the current KY 489 south of the lake).


Begin: KY 14 & 16, Verona
End: KY 17, 2.4 mi SW of DeMossville

15.842 mi:
Boone 2.638
Grant 8.349
Pendleton 4.855

Uses: US 25 (Grant Co-Crittenden)

Cities: Crittenden

Lebanon-Crittenden Rd (Boone Co)
Lebanon Rd (Boone/Grant co line-KY 2363, Crittenden)
Violet Rd (KY 2363, Crittenden-US 25, Crittenden)
Gardnersville Rd (US 25, Grant Co-Grant/Pendleton co line)


Begin: KY 338, 1 mi E of Rabbit Hash
End: US 27, Alexandria

28.665 mi:
Boone 14.746
Kenton 10.474
Campbell 3.445

KY 16 (Independence)
KY 177 (Kenton Co)

Cities: Union, Florence, Independence, Alexandria

Rabbit Hash Rd (begin-KY 2852, Boone Co)
Hathaway Rd (KY 2852, Boone Co-Old Union Rd, Union)
Mt Zion Rd (Old Union Rd, Union-KY 1303, Independence)
Bristow Rd (KY 1303, Independence-KY 2045, Independence)
Independence Rd (KY 2045, Independence-Shaw Rd, Independence)
Shaw Rd (Independence Rd, Independence-KY 17, Independence)
Harris Pike (KY 17, Independence-KY 16, Independence)
Maverick Rd (KY 16, Independence-Staffordsburg Rd, Kenton Co)
Staffordsburg Rd (Maverick Rd, Kenton Co-Visalia Rd, Kenton Co)
Visalia Rd (Staffordsburg Rd, Kenton Co-KY 177, Kenton Co)
Creektrace Rd (KY 1936, Campbell Co-end)

Major bridges: Al Schneider Br (Licking River, Kenton Co-Campbell Co)


Begin: US 62, .5 mi W of Mt Olivet city line
End: KY 22, .6 mi E of Neave

15.622 mi:
Robertson 5.273
Bracken 10.349

Uses: KY 19 (Bracken Co)

Santa Fe Rd (Belmont Rd, Bracken Co-KY 19, Bracken Co)
Neave-Milford Rd (KY 19, Bracken Co-end)


Begin: KY 10, Alexandria
End: KY 8, Silver Gr

6.517 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Alexandria, Melbourne, Silver Gr

Riley Rd (begin-Nelson Rd)
Four Mile Rd (Nelson Rd-end)


Begin: KY 16, 1.7 mi NE of Napoleon
End: US 42, 2.2 mi NE of Sugar Cr

3.044 mi, all Gallatin


Begin: KY 159, .1 mi N of Concord
End: KY 177, 2.7 mi E of Butler city line

6.22 mi, all Pendleton


Begin: KY 1029 & 2505, Burika
End: KY 875, 1.3 mi SW of Germantown city line

15.871 mi:
Robertson 12.318
Mason 1.051
Bracken .639
Mason .98
Bracken .883

Uses: US 62 (Robertson Co)

Bee Lick Rd (begin-Bee Lick Rd, Robertson Co)
Woodward Rd (Robertson/Mason co line-end)


Begin: US 27, Alexandria
End: KY 9 & Thelma Lee Dr, Alexandria

.476 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Alexandria

Names: E Alexandria Pike (begin-E Alexandria Pike)

Old: US 27 (begin-E Alexandria Pike)


Begin: KY 842 & I-75 ramps, Florence
End: KY 3076 & Turfway Rd, Erlanger

2.779 mi:
Boone 2.411
Kenton .368

Uses: KY 1017

Cities: Florence, Erlanger

Thoroughbred Blvd (begin-KY 1017, Florence)
Turfway Rd (KY 1017, Boone Co-end)

KY 717, established in 1987, originally acted like an extension of the ramps for southbound I-75 at the KY 1017 exit. These ramps are unusual in that they terminate at KY 842, which parallels I-75, while KY 717 continues straight at the end of the ramps as Thoroughbred Boulevard. I always assumed that the reason the interchange has such an odd design is because of the existence of what was then St. Luke Hospital West. The hospital might have had a Snuffleupagus trunk that flapped around in the wind like a lot of hospitals did, and the state probably didn't want to disturb that.

In 2014, KY 717 was extended north along Turfway Road, which had been KY 1017.


Begin: KY 10, Flagg Spr
End: KY 8, Mentor

.98 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Mentor

Names: Smith Rd


Begin: US 27, .6 mi S of Aspen Gr
End: KY 1121, Persimmon Gr

3.069 mi, all Campbell

Names: Race Track Rd


Begin: US 25 & Richardson Rd, Devon
End: KY 236 & 2978, Erlanger

7.395 mi:
Boone 7.334
Kenton .061

Cities: Florence, Erlanger

Weaver Rd (begin-US 42, Florence)
Hopeful Ch Rd (US 42, Florence-KY 18, Florence)
Houston Rd (KY 18, Florence-end)


Begin: KY 165, 1.9 mi N of Mt Olivet city line
End: KY 1159 & Rock Rd, 1.3 mi S of Wellsburg

20.332 mi:
Robertson 3.079
Bracken 17.253

KY 10 (Germantown-Bracken Co)
KY 19 (Chatham-Bracken Co)

Cities: Germantown

Bridgeville Rd (Robertson/Bracken co line-KY 10, Germantown)
Asbury Rd (KY 10, Bracken Co-KY 19, Bracken Co)
Mt Zion Rd (KY 19, Bracken Co-Augusta Berlin Rd, Bracken Co)
Augusta-Berlin Rd (Mt Zion Rd, Bracken Co-Shofstall Rd, Bracken Co)
Locust Ridge Rd (Shofstall Rd, Bracken Co-end)


Begin: US 27 & Lickert Rd, .2 mi E of Claryville
End: KY 9, Cold Spr

9.295 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Cold Spr

Camel Crossing (begin-Mallard Dr)
Licking Pike (Mallard Dr-end)

Old: KY 9 (Lickert Rd-end)

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