This section of my Kentucky state highway log covers KY 1000 to 1999. Does that pib or what?


Begin: KY 18 & Oakbrook Rd, Oakbrook
End: US 25 & Main St, Florence

3.984 mi, all Boone

Cities: Florence

Aero Pkwy (begin-KY 717)
Turfway Rd (KY 717-end)

I don't visit this road often, but maps of the area show KY 1017 to be one strange breed. For decades, KY 1017 consisted primarily of Turfway Road, which at one point zigged and zagged for no apparent reason, and ran into what used to be called - get this - Zigzag Road. (Was Zigzag Road named after Zig Zag rolling papers?) My 1983 topographic map shows Zigzag Road running without interruption from KY 18 to Turfway, and Turfway continuing straight from Zigzag to Tower Road, but later observations showed both roads cut off by a new airport runway. KY 1017 then angled northeast and in 1989 was extended along what was Dolwick-Donaldson Road, then along Dolwick Drive to Mineola Pike. In 2004, KY 3076 was extended along Dolwick Drive and a new road paralleling I-275, so KY 1017 then ended at Dolwick (although in 2005 the signs still showed KY 1017 using Dolwick to Mineola).

In 2014, KY 1017 was rerouted onto a new road called Aero Parkway, while KY 717 picked up Turfway Road north of there.

Kenton 2014 - KY 1017 left Kenton County when that stretch became KY 717.


Boone 1987 - KY 1018 used to be Hopeful Church Road in Florence. It became part of KY 842. I have no idea why they didn't just extend the KY 1018 designation rather than finding a new number.


Begin: KY 165, 3 mi E of Piqua

Robertson 4.829

Names: Old Blue Lick Rd (Robertson Co)


Begin: KY 227, 2 mi S of Minorsville
End: Locust Fork Rd, .4 mi SW of Longlick

4.102 mi, all Scott

Names: Bond Rd (Hawkins Ln-end)


Begin: Magellan Way & Howe Dr, Covington
End: KY 8, Ludlow

5.019 mi, all Kenton

Uses: US 25 (Ft Wright)

Cities: Ft Wright, Park Hills, Covington, Ludlow

Highland Pike (begin-KY 3187, Ft Wright)
Kyles Ln (KY 3187, Ft wright-US 25, Ft Wright)
Sleepy Hollow Rd (US 25, Ft Wright-under Norfolk Southern RR, Ludlow)
Deverill St (under Norfolk Southern RR, Ludlow-end)

KY 1072 used to include all of Kyles Lane, plus Sleepy Hollow Road through Devou Park (where that George W. Bush rally went awry) and Ludlow's Deverill Street. In 1994 it was rerouted from Kyles Lane down the steep hill of an upgraded Highland Pike to KY 17. (I recall the other half of Highland Pike being closed for no apparent reason for 10 years or so, like the now-defunct Jefferson Avenue exit off I-75.) In 1998, KY 1072 from KY 17 to US 25 was to be renamed Fort Wright Parkway, but a public outcry killed this plan.

The extension east of KY 17 opened in 2007, and was certified as part of KY 1072 in 2008.

It's hard to see, but they've finally added a bike lane on one side of Sleepy Hollow Road for one whole block in Fort Wright. Wow! Progress!

2008 - Starting at the Ludlow end of KY 1072, going southeast on Deverill Street.

2006 - Likely the most scenic stretch of KY 1072. Looking south out of Ludlow as the road goes under the rail bridge where it becomes Sleepy Hollow Road.


Begin: US 41 & North St, Madisonville
End: Clinic Dr, Madisonville

.37 mi, all Hopkins

Cities: Madisonville

E North St (begin-Laffoon St)
Laffoon St (North St-end)


Off US 421 & Skidmore Dr, 2 mi S of Harlan

.183 mi, all Harlan

Names: Ball Park Rd


Begin: I-75 & 12th St, Covington
End: US 27 & Woodfill Av, Ft Thomas

6.945 mi:
Kenton 1.145
Campbell 5.8

Uses: US 27 (Newport)

Cities: Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Ft Thomas

W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (begin-Russell St, Covington)
one-way east, Covington:
   ◦ Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
one-way west, Covington:
   ◦ Prospect St
   ◦ 11th St
   ◦ Russell St
E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (Wheeler St, Covington-Kenton/Campbell co line)
W 11th St (Kenton/Campbell co line-US 27, Newport)
E 10th St (US 27, Newport-Newport/Bellevue city line)
Memorial Pkwy (Newport/Bellevue city line-Ft Thomas Av, Ft Thomas)
Ft Thomas Av (Memorial Pkwy, Ft Thomas-end)

Major bridges: Licking Valley Girl Scouts Br (Licking River, Covington-Newport)

KY 1120 starts in a working-class part of Covington. For decades, it used the narrow 12th Street - later renamed Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard - but for part of this way, westbound KY 1120 used a parallel stretch along Prospect, 11th, and Russell. One gratuitous proposal called for completely demolishing all buildings between 11th and 12th and using the empty space as a wide median for the one-way couplet that was to be designated to run to I-75. If this wasn't a working-class neighborhood, they'd never dream of tearing down people's houses for such a silly thing. Big Business and the local right-wing media endorsed this gimmick to create a "gateway" to the city, but residents of these streets almost unanimously opposed it. (Who do you think is gonna get their way - people or Big Business?) Instead, however, 12th itself was remade into a divided highway, resulting in the demolition of historic buildings on the south side of the street. For its part, the westbound bridge on 11th over the rail line was closed to automotive traffic in the 2010s because of its condition - but it's still listed as part of KY 1120.

KY 1120 used the rusty old Shortway Bridge over the Licking River from Covington to Newport prior to its closure and the opening of the Licking Valley Girl Scouts Bridge. The Shortway Bridge was toll until 1986 and was slated to be torn down for years. The disappointing replacement bridge opened September 28, 2001 (the same day Tantrum 95.7 got shut down). Right-wing lawmakers wanted to name the new span after Ronald Reagan, but in a survey of the public to name the bridge, Jimmy Carter figured far more prominently. Unfortunately, this structure provides 4 extra-wide lanes for auto traffic but pedestrians get a narrow sidewalk on one side only. Man, they really screwed up that one!

The route runs east on the less congested Memorial Parkway, which was built around 1953 along the old streetcar line, to Fort Thomas and south on the flat Fort Thomas Avenue through that suburb. The once unspoiled Memorial Parkway is now menaced by upscale residential development.

2006 - KY 1120 begins here at this I-75 ramp and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (formerly 12th) in Covington.

2006 - Twelfth Street only weeks before the demolition was set to begin.

2006 - Looking back on 12th at the endangered neighborhood.

2006 - Continuing on 12th, looking at more houses slated for destruction.

2006 - Further along on 12th, the large bluish-gray building was also marked for demolition, despite its historic status.

2006 - Looking back on 12th at Banklick Street.

2006 - Still going east on 12th at Russell, we're looking ahead on a bridge over an important rail line. The bridge ahead was two-way back then, but for KY 1120 it was officially only the eastbound side. Westbound KY 1120 emerged from Russell on the left. The bridge here later received a twin span.

2006 - Looking back on 12th from the peak of that bridge.

2006 - The other approach of that bridge.

2006 - That bridge on 12th is paralleled by this stretch of 11th, which rises here to form a similar span. This was westbound KY 1120, though it used a two-way street here. This is the bridge that was later closed.

2001 - Looking into Newport from the peak of the new Licking River bridge on KY 1120 right after its opening.

2001 - The Newport approach of the bridge.

2001 - The roadbed of the old KY 1120 Licking River bridge in the foreground, with an unrelated rail bridge in the background.

2006 - Part of Newport's 10th Street carries KY 1120. This overpass - which was rebuilt in the mid-2000s just to raise it by 3 feet - was excluded from the state-maintained mileage until 2007, however, because it was maintained by the railroad. In the background you can see 10th Street carrying on for many blocks, which looks more exciting in person than in a photo. Sandstone blocks from the abutment for the old bridge were used to build a retaining wall for a new subdivision in Lexington for the very rich.

2008 - East on 10th in Newport, as it carries KY 1120.

2008 - Further on 10th, where it meets I-471.

2006 - This is KY 1120 as Fort Thomas Avenue. This road is unusual in that utility poles are actually on the narrow median (at least when this photo was taken). (A drug-free zone? Yeah, I bet.)


Begin: KY 10, 2 mi N of Peach Gr
End: KY 10, Alexandria

10.078 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Alexandria

Wesley Chapel Rd (begin-California Cross Rd)
California Cross Rd (Wesley Chapel Rd-Persimmon Gr Pike)
Persimmon Gr Pike (California Cross Rd-end)

Although it's in my home county, one of the few times I've ever been on KY 1121 was once when I was about 10 years old when some guy who lived out that way installed a toilet in his home.


Gallatin 2007 - Composed mainly of the bridge at Markland Dam. It began at US 42 and looped over that road as it formed the bridge - forming a prototypical "Kentucky loop." The bridge is now part of the much longer KY 1039. The looped portion of KY 1188 became one of the ramps to US 42.


Begin: KY 1688, 2 mi SW of Skinnersburg
End: Locust Fork Rd, 2 mi W of Skinnersburg

2.454 mi, all Scott

Names: Graves Rd


Begin: KY 536, Independence
End: US 25 & Hudson Av, Lakeside Park

6.248 mi, all Kenton

Cities: Independence, Elsmere, Erlanger, Edgewood, Crestview Hills, Lakeside Park

Bristow Rd (begin-Wedgewood Dr, Independence)
Richardson Rd (Wedgewood Dr, Independence-Independence Sta Rd, Independence)
Turkeyfoot Rd (Independence Sta Rd, Independence-end)


A 1980 USGS map says there was a KY 1307 in Meade County: It ran on a loop using Paradise Bottom Road and the roughly parallel part of Big Bend Road, and had a tail northwest to the current KY 1047 loop. KY 1047 consisted only of that loop back then.


Begin: I-75 & Man o' War Blvd, Brighton (Lexington)
End: US 60, Walnut Hill (Lexington)

1.429 mi, all Fayette

Cities: Lexington

Names: Man o' War Blvd

The far eastern stretch of Man o' War Boulevard, the rest of which is city-maintained.


Begin: KY 617, 1 mi SE of Kentontown
End: KY 165, 2 mi N of Piqua

3.605 mi, all Robertson

Names: Thomas Pike


Begin: KY 16, Independence
End: KY 1829 & 3035, Covington

4.443 mi, all Kenton

Cities: Independence, Covington

Stephens Rd (begin-Fowler Cr Rd, Independence)
Fowler Cr Rd (Stephens Rd, Independence-end)


Begin: KY 1486, Covington
End: KY 17, Covington

.22 mi, all Kenton

Cities: Covington

This connector designated in 2014 is used where KY 17 goes over KY 1486.


Begin: US 62, 1 mi NE of Claysville
End: US 62, 1 mi W of Mt Olivet

6.857 mi, all Robertson


Begin: KY 1997, 2 mi SW of Oneonta
End: KY 8, .2 mi SW of Oneonta

1.809 mi, all Campbell

Names: Oneonta Rd


Begin: KY 1178, Madisonville
End: US 41A & Pride Av, Madisonville

.888 mi, all Hopkins

Cities: Madisonville

Names: Pride Av


Begin: KY 9, Wilder
End: US 27, Southgate

1.66 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Wilder, Southgate

Names: Moock Rd

Built around 1960 over what was largely an unpaved road before. The road name rhymes with book.


Begin: US 421, 2 mi NW of Rosspoint
End: Harlan/Letcher co line, 1 mi SW of Gordon

20.3 mi, all Harlan

Uses: KY 2010

Names: Little Shepherd Tr

KY 1679 is Little Shepherd Trail, a rugged, scenic road that runs atop Pine Mountain through state and national forests, state parks, and wildlife areas. The curvy, one-lane, 37-mile road was mostly gravel, dirt, or mud until 2006, and wasn't recommended for 2-wheel-drive cars. Then, however, Republican Gov. Ernie "Hey Bert" Fletcher ignored wishes of conservationists and local residents by starting work on paving it. Like Fletcher himself, the paving was so unpopular that it prompted many angry newspaper letters by locals. That's because Little Shepherd Trail was used by hikers, horseback riders, hunters, and wildlife watchers, and paving it would harm rare animal species and entice motorists to drive too fast. The paving was reportedly the idea of a GOP state legislator who wanted to drive his RV on it.

The 17-mile portion of Little Shepherd Trail in Letcher County was dropped as a state route in 2013. That part runs to US 119.

KY 1679 used to be KY 412 from US 421 to what is now KY 2010.


Fayette 1999 - Reynolds Road from Clays Mill Road to US 27.


Boone 1987 - Boone Aire Road, which I have always suspected was once part of KY 18.


Begin: US 60 & Red Mile Rd, Pine Meadows (Lexington)
End: US 421 & Forbes Rd, Meadowthorpe (Lexington)

1.031 mi, all Fayette

Cities: Lexington

Names: S Forbes Rd

KY 1723 used to extend southeast to US 27 using Red Mile Road and Virginia Avenue.


Begin: KY 693, Russell
End: US 23, Russell

.905 mi, all Greenup

Cities: Russell

Names: Ashland Dr


Begin: landfill entrance, 2 mi SW of Greenwood
End: KY 17, 2 mi S of Greenwood

1.274 mi, all Pendleton

Names: Bryan-Griffin Rd

This road serves the Rumpke landfill - which was reportedly featured in a Modern Marvels episode titled "The War On Stink." The landfill was praised for including a facility that converted trash into electricity.


Begin: KY 227, .2 mi NE of Minorsville
End: KY 227, Suterville

5.623 mi, all Scott

Names: Minors Branch Rd


Begin: KY 1120, Ft Thomas
End: US 27 & 16th St, Newport

2.568 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Ft Thomas, Newport

Grand Av (begin-Pavilion Pkwy, Newport)
Carothers Rd (Pavilion Pkwy, Newport-end)

Carothers Road was built around 1955 and runs downhill from US 27 as a commercial strip. The older Grand Avenue winds its way through a residential area, and much of it had a narrow median that was removed around 1993.


Kenton/Campbell 1984 - KY 1916 was the Al Schneider Bridge over the Licking River before the span became part of KY 10 in 1984 (though I recall KY 1916 being unsigned). The bridge, which later became part of KY 536, opened in 1978 and is the only road between the southern portions of Kenton and Campbell counties.


Begin: US 60, Lexington
End: US 25 & Jefferson St, Lexington

.17 mi, all Fayette

Cities: Lexington

Names: S Jefferson St


Begin: US 27, .4 mi NE of Grants Lick
End: KY 536, Claryville

7.777 mi, all Campbell

Clay Ridge Rd (begin-Kenton Sta Rd)
Kenton Sta Rd (Clay Ridge Rd-Wolf Rd)
Pond Cr Rd (Wolf Rd-end)


Gallatin 2010 - Lowe Road from Vera Cruz Road to KY 465.

Christian 1986 - Added to KY 1928 to form KY 2544.


Montgomery 2000 - Cecil Road.


Begin: KY 1121, 1 mi NW of Persimmon Gr
End: KY 8, 1 mi NE of Carthage

4.711 mi, all Campbell

Uses: KY 10

Stevens Branch Rd (begin-KY 10)
Carthage Rd (KY 10-Washington Trace Rd)
Washington Trace Rd (Carthage Rd-New Richmond Rd)
New Richmond Rd (Washington Trace Rd-end)


Begin: KY 10, 2 mi SE of Alexandria
End: KY 547 & Greskamp Rd, .6 mi S of Camp Sprs

4.592 mi, all Campbell

Names: Stonehouse Rd

Renamed from Four and Twelve Mile Rd in the early 2000s.


Begin: KY 9 & Gloria Terrell Dr, Wilder
End: KY 8, Cold Spr

3.939 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Wilder, Highland Hts, Cold Spr

Pooles Cr Rd (begin-US 27, Cold Spr)
Industrial Rd (US 27, Cold Spr-end)

Runs steeply uphill on Pooles Creek Road and then on Industrial Road, which was known as Duck Creek Road until the early 1980s. The 1999 addition of Pooles Creek Road, previously "secret" KY 2938, was a surprise. Before that, KY 1998 instead jogged onto US 27 and along Martha Layne Collins Boulevard and Johns Hill Road, which became KY 2345 in 1999. Before it gravitated onto Martha Layne Collins Boulevard in 1987, KY 1998 used the roughly parallel part of Johns Hill Road. The 1987 rerouting was practically a gift to the new County Square shopping center that helped siphon economic vitality out of Highland Heights.

Industrial Road is a more modern highway but with little development. Apparently, Duck Creek Road ran off KY 8 for decades, either as a dead end or to Winters Lane, before being upgraded and extended to US 27 around 1968. It also appears as if the end at KY 8 is just inside Cold Spring - barely missing Silver Grove.

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