This section of my Kentucky state highway log covers (get this!) KY 2000 to 2999, much to the chagrin of the Far Right.


Begin: US 27 & Hidden Valley Dr, Highland Hts
End: KY 2345, Wilder

2.442 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Highland Hts, Wilder

Louie B Nunn Dr (begin-University Dr, Highland Hts)
University Dr (Louie B Nunn Dr, Highland Hts-Campbell Dr, Highland Hts)
Three Mile Rd (Campbell Dr, Highland Hts-end)


Jefferson 2007 - KY 2250 was one of the most useless and likely the shortest state route except KY 2920, totaling 0.009 mile (about 50 feet). It used part of Harrison Avenue in Louisville and connected the southbound and northbound sides of KY 61 just as they split south of US 60A. It was one of the most useless, but not the most useless: Because you weren't allowed (ooh, an Allowed Cloud!) to turn left from US 60A east to KY 61 north, KY 2250 was used almost jughandle-like from KY 61 south. In 2007, KY 2250 (though still state-maintained) became just an unnumbered bonus route maintained with KY 61.


Begin: Town Cr, Harrodsburg
End: US 127 & Factory St, Harrodsburg

.399 mi, all Mercer

Cities: Harrodsburg

N Magnolia St (begin-Factory St)
W Factory St (Magnolia St-end)

The main motive for this narrow street becoming a state route seems to be that it leads to a highway maintenance garage.


Begin: US 27, Cold Spr/Highland Hts city line
End: KY 9, Wilder

3.316 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Cold Spr, Highland Hts, Wilder

Martha Layne Collins Blvd (begin-University Dr, Highland Hts)
Johns Hill Rd (University Dr, Highland Hts-end)

Old: KY 9 (along Johns Hill Rd, Wilder-end)

An era came to an end in 1999 when the KY 1998 designation was completely moved from Johns Hill Road in favor of KY 2345. KY 2345 also gained a half-mile of what was Licking Pike to account for the reconstruction of KY 9. The narrow Johns Hill Road, whose high altitude offers a distant view of the Cincinnati skyline and would be ideal for setting up a pirate radio transmitter, has become chock-full of upper-caste residential development.

2006 - The northwest end of KY 2345 in Wilder. This was part of KY 9 before 1999.

Clark 1994 - In Winchester.


Begin: KY 22, Owenton
End: US 127, Owenton

.454 mi, all Owen

Cities: Owenton

Names: Roland Av


Begin: KY 11 & School Dr, Clay City
Forms complete loop at 3rd St & 5th Av in Clay City, with mileposts continuing counterclockwise back to beginning of loop

1.146 mi, all Powell

Cities: Clay City

3rd St (begin-begin loop; begin loop-4th Av)
4th Av (3rd St-2nd St)
2nd St (4th Av-1st Av)
1st St (1st St-5th Av)
5th Av (1st St-end loop)

Starts at KY 11 and goes for one block before forming an oddly-shaped 12-block loop on town streets.


Begin: KY 11, .6 mi SE of Clay City
End: KY 1057, Clay City

.351 mi, all Powell

Cities: Clay City

Names: 10th Av


Begin: 9th St & 7th Av, Clay City
End: KY 11 & 2026, Clay City

.053 mi, all Powell

Cities: Clay City

Names: 9th St


Powell 1996 - Hatton Branch-Stanton Road and Blackburn Street in Stanton.


Begin: KY 36 & Walnut St, Carlisle
End: North St & Walnut St, Carlisle

.201 mi, all Nicholas

Cities: Carlisle

Names: N Walnut St


End: KY 616 & 1029, 3 mi SW of Alhambra

Robertson 1.089

Names: Mt Pleasant Rd (Robertson Co)


Begin: US 41 & Clay St, Hopkinsville
End: US 41 & 4th St, Hopkinsville

.369 mi, all Christian

Cities: Hopkinsville

one-way north:
   ◦ S Clay St
   ◦ E 4th St
one-way south:
   ◦ S Liberty St
E 4th St (Liberty St-end)


Begin: KY 302 & 3127, .2 mi SE of W Van Lear
End: Buckingham Av, Dawkins

1.042 mi, all Johnson

S Clay Av (begin-Blair St)
Blair St (Clay Av-Buckingham Av)
Buckingham Av (Blair St-McClure St)
McClure St (Buckingam Av-KY 302)
N Clay Av (KY 302-Arrowhead Dr)
N Dawkins Av (Arrowhead Dr-end)


Begin: Paintsville-Prestonsburg Airport, 2 mi SW of Van Lear
End: KY 321, 2 mi SW of Van Lear

.1 mi, all Johnson

According to legend, KY 2559 intersects the runway for Paintsville-Prestonsburg Airport (Combs Field). This rumor spread by the official state highway log, however, appears to be untrue: The flat, tenth-mile-long road actually begins at a road that closely parallels the runway. KY 2559 is so small that Google Maps doesn't mark it.


Begin: KY 40, Paintsville
End: KY 40 & Church St, Paintsville

.423 mi, all Johnson

Cities: Paintsville

Mill St (begin-Church St)
Church St (Mill St-end)


Begin: Biz KY 321 & Main St, Paintsville
End: KY 40, Paintsville

.855 mi, all Johnson

Cities: Paintsville

Main St (begin-KY 40)
Highland Av (KY 40-end)

KY 2561 is mildly amusing because the first quarter-mile is one-way eastbound. The parallel part of 2nd Street, which is one-way westbound, is not KY 2561.


Begin: US 60, 1 mi NE of Smithland
End: KYTC garage, 1 mi NE of Smithland

.175 mi, all Livingston

Brumitte Rd (begin-State Dr)
State Dr (Brumitte Rd-end)


Begin: KY 9, 1 mi S of Flagg Spr
End: KY 8, .3 mi NW of Ivor

.998 mi:
Campbell .466
Pendleton .532

Names: Ivor Rd

Shelby 1984


Begin: KY 237 & Global Way, Francisville
End: KY 8, Francisville

1.328 mi, all Boone

Names: Tanner Rd

Henry 1982


Off US 60, .3 mi NW of Gaybourn

.167 mi, all Woodford

Parallels the south side of US 60 and looks more like somebody's driveway.


End: KY 539, 2 mi SE of Bratton

Robertson 3.953

Names: Chapel Rd (Robertson Co)


Bridge over Middleton Cr, .9 mi NE of Fox Cr

.007 mi, all Anderson

Probably the shortest state route, this is a 38-foot bridge over Middleton Creek off US 62, 300 feet northeast of the US 62 bridge over the Salt River. It was added to the state route system in 1982. Go look for it on Google Street View. It looks like it's just somebody's driveway. This is all it is...

Let it sink in for a moment. That's a state route.


Begin: KY 1566, 2 mi SW of Oneonta
End: KY 8, 1 mi NE of Carthage

2.223 mi, all Campbell

Washington Trace Rd (begin-Painter Rd)
Painter Rd (Washington Trace Rd-end)


Johnson 1984


Shelby 1984


Begin: US 27 & Pete Neiser Dr, Alexandria
End: KY 915 & Kellan Ct, .4 mi N of Hawthorne

2.757 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Alexandria

Names: Tollgate Rd

Renamed from Alexandria-Licking Pike in the early 2000s.


Begin: E Alexandria Pike & Low Gap Rd, 3 mi SE of Cold Spr
End: along E Alexandria Pike, Cold Spr

2.083 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Cold Spr

Names: E Alexandria Pike

Old: US 27

KY 2925 is a rural section of East Alexandria Pike from Low Gap Road to a point on the edge of Cold Spring. Hard to believe, but this narrow, wooded road used to be US 27 until 1941. KY 2925 apparently included all of East Alexandria Pike up until 1999 (but was unsigned).


Begin: Winters Ln & Holtz Dr, Cold Spr
End: KY 8, Cold Spr

1.401 mi, all Campbell

Cities: Cold Spr

Names: Winters Ln

Would you believe that I once walked the whole length of Winters Lane, which totaled over 2 miles? Man, that brings back some foul memories of the struggles of '87. In those days, Winters Lane had a sidewalk that led to St. Joseph's Elementary, via the ballfield where people used to do doughnuts.


Montgomery 1987


Montgomery 1987 - Chandler Lane.


Montgomery 2000 - A small road off KY 713 north of I-64.


Montgomery 2000 - Grassyview Court.


Montgomery 1997


Campbell 1999 - This incarnation of KY 2938 appears to have been designated during a major expansion of the state highway system in 1987. KY 2938 was the unsigned designation of the preexisting Pooles Creek Road - then known as Pooles Creek Road #1 - but this became part of KY 1998 in 1999.

Grant 1983


Whitley 1988

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