Meet Wayne Strang, apologist for corporate fascism. Strang is March 1998 Kook of the Month, but I had forgotten about him since then.

A funny man, that Wayne Strang was. I got skeeped at by Strang for daring to hold the view that because TV signals travel through the public airwaves, anybody should be allowed to descramble them without being busted.

He's entitled to his opinion, of course. Just because one disagrees does not make one evil. Unfortunately, the ol' Strangster didn't seem to think I was entitled to my opinion.

Back in March, a thread cropped up on Usenet about TV descramblers. After I stated my views, Wayne responded thus:

Theft of services.  End of discussion.


Remembering the Golden Rule--do unto others what they have done unto you--I responded in kind:

Theft of your minuscule brain.  End of discussion.


I am so proud of this bit of wisdom that I have reposted it here!