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Vol. 15/No. 7 - 430th issue - October 24, 2006 - - Bellevue, Kentucky
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Oct. 24 - We're proud to say that our affiliated Conservative Fool Of The Day blog broke this story. As far as we know, however, it still hasn't reached other progressive blogs, let alone the dinosaur media, so - in the interest of keeping you informed - it needs more exposure before the election that's only 2 weeks away. (Good luck trying to get the mainstream media on this one.)

Jim Talent, an ultraconservative Republican from Missouri, is one of the worst current members of the U.S. of A. Senate. He doesn't accomplish shit. He's one of the key players in the government's idiotic war against proper use of over-the-counter cold and allergy remedies. Nice to know hay fever sufferers can go to prison for years for buying too much medicine, while nobody bats an eye at the drug pushers in the government.

Talent - a man with an Ernie Fletcher-like look of emptiness behind his spectacles - is facing a tough reelection battle, and during the summer, his campaign workers were caught almost red-handed vandalizing their own campaign signs just so they could make it look like Talent's opponent did it. While the dinosaur media reported that the signs were utterly ruinated, they (as far as we know) failed to follow up with the fact that it was a hoax. (Now there's a surprise.)

It gets worse.

Remember in the late '90s when numerous Republican politicians were disgraced when they were found to have ties to a white supremacist group called the Council of Conservative Citizens? Make no mistake about it, the CCC is racist. The CCC developed from the former White Citizens Councils, which their many detractors called the "uptown Klan." It would be one thing if the group was simply conservative without the element of racism. But the CCC's bigotry lurks near the heart of what's wrong with the modern American right wing (even as the CCC tries to deny a link with the newer breed of conservatism). Maybe not at the heart of the problem, but at least as close as the appendix (as the CCC is pretty much useless).

If this brand of conservatives were champions of tolerance, we wouldn't have put our bunker on the line for years lambasting them. Systematic racism ranks with corporate-led union-busting as one of the stinkiest elements of right-wing extremism.

But the fact that the Klowncil of Konservative Klods is racist also gives us a reason to have some laughs at their expense. Besides that, it's always important to know thy enemy. Accordingly, we know a few folks who have monitored this group closely and have even signed themselves up to receive the CCC's e-mail newsletter, just to keep an eye on them. (The CCC should have already known of this, because their ideological allies have monitored The Last Word for years.) How's that for investigative journalism?

Now, after people signed themselves up for the CCC letter, a weird thing happened. A steady stream of e-mail from Jim No-Talent's reelection campaign poured into the inboxes of those who signed up for the CCC diatribe.

Hmm. How can that be?

They never gave their e-mail addresses to anyone at the Jim Toilet campaign, and probably gave these addresses to very few people other than the CCC. Guess the Talent campaign just took a wild guess that these were deliverable addresses, and that they just coincidentally happened to be on the CCC's list too.

But that's ridiculous.

The St. Louis-based CCC has had a cozy relationship with right-wing Missouri politicians (including John Ashcroft and Mel Hancock), so any relationship between Talent and the CCC wouldn't be that much of a surprise to us.

As it turns out, Talent or someone who works for his campaign is using the CCC's e-mail list to seek supporters.

"So???" you ask. Something like this is not a "so???" It shows the type of thinkers (to use the term loosely) the Talent campaign is trying to appeal to. It indicates Talent is tailoring his agenda to racists who compose the CCC. They expect him to support their policies if he gets reelected. So it's an issue, and it's fair to report it.

Every politician wants votes - but they know that in order to get these votes, they have to make an appeal to those who they want votes from and put themselves on the same page. For instance, if I was running for office, I wouldn't make a mailing list consisting of the boards of directors of Clear Channel and Wal-Mart to win support. Talent can't claim he was just doing what politicians do by seeking support of CCC members. If he was, then why does he seem to be the only major politician who is currently doing this?

He's not the only conservative Republican politician though who's done something similar. Former Gov. Mike Foster of Louisiana, a Republican, purchased David Duke's mailing list to use in his 1995 campaign. (Foster was fined heavily for failing to report this as a campaign expenditure, but he never tried to distance himself from Duke.)

Furthermore, nobody asked to receive Talent's e-mails. So he's guilty of e-mail spamming too.

Talent has pretty much proven he's a jerk, so it's hard for us to feel sorry for him after calling him out on his bullshit. His association with racism further seals the deal regarding how we feel about his career.

From the Conservative Fool Of The Day Blog, here's the entry about the Talent crew's destroyage of its own campaign signs:

Here's the entry about Jim Toilet using the CCC's e-mail list:

And I guess that's why we call him Jim No-Talent... (Sung to the tune of "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues.")

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