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Since April 1993 I've published almost 500 issues of The Last Word. In its early years, when it was a print-only newsletter, it became a mainstay of left-wing populism in Northern Kentucky. Even in rabidly right-wing Campbell County in the rabidly right-wing 1990s it managed to survive - despite my arrest at Northern Kentucky University in August 1995 that resulted from The Last Word's criticism of university administration.

The Last Word even managed to survive the awful years that followed. Despite all the efforts to discredit us and the repeated government censorship of our work, we have a strong reputation for opposing injustice, which we should be proud of.

Oh, despite all the censorship, America still has freedom of the press. Never mind that we know otherwise, because the "mainstream" media says we're free, and we all know they're never wrong, right?

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This page contains the text editions and full-color print editions of recent issues of The Last Word.

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9/16 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - Classmates For A Day, A Lifetime Of Memories - I Stuck Medicated Gum Under The Desk In 7th Grade - Mama I'm All Crazee Now - It's A Beautiful Day...Things Are Gonna Be OK... - "No Pass, No Drive" Leaves Legacy Of Classism - My Teeth Are Gonna Fall Out And You'll Laugh Again

8/16 - I Almost Appeared On 'Judge Mathis' - Lawsuit Soap Opera Will Continue Forever - Tea Party Thug Looks Gift Horse In Mouth - Book 'Em, Casey! - Internet Whiners Whine - One Day, 60 K00ks00ts

7/16 - Boom! Tea Party Activist Busted For Selling Drugs - People Go Krogering The Unconventional Way - London Calling - Warm Cookies For Roads Scholars - Cool People Used To Burn Stuff On 4th Of July

6/16 - When Lawsuits End At The County Line - I Didn't Get Along With The Get Along Gang - Sad, Sad Robot - When I Didn't Visit Cincinnati Milacron

5/16 - When A Bank Sues A Person... - Welcome To The Boogertown - UT Town Wants To Flush Out Who Put Tree In Toilet - How To Fight Vision Loss And The Far Right All At Once

4/16 - Cincinnati Trumps Trump - Far Right Blames Sanders For Trump Tantrum - Vinyl Shellacs Styrene - I Saw The Sign And It Opened Up My Eyes - When Glenn Beck Had Egg On His Face - There Really Is No Hope

3/16 - Guess Who Wants Money Again? - I Can't Believe Today Was A Good Day... - Rookie Monster

2/16 - Do People Pop? - Mr. Rogers Was Cool And Talked About Heavy Shit - Tea Party: Coddling Criminals For Over 30 Years - Pizza Shop Helps Itself To A Piece Of The Pie

1/16 - Waldo Loses His Shirt...Literally! - Bedtime For Bandit - Fillin' It Out Funny, Cool People Style - Progressive Safe Space Coming To Area

12/15 - How A Cool Person Roadtripped And Missed It - Typewriters Are Cool - Flatulence Lecture Analyzed - Bad Hotel Reviews Go International!

11/15 - Politicians And Cancer Scams - World Record - Big Viruses, Big Troubles!

9/15 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - How Cool People Roadtrip At Isle Royale - Not-So-Instant Karma's Gonna Get You... - Farts Elicit Funny Sayings - Someone Put Fake Poop On A Teacher's Chair - Campbell Co. Has A Bubble Gum Bandit

8/15 - Toll Calls Take Their Toll - Organ Trail - So False...Funny How It Seems... - How Uncool People Party Like It's 1999

7/15 - Golf Course Still A Royal Disappointment - People Wiped Their Butts With Poison Ivy At Big Bone

6/15 - Things Cool People Think Are Funny - No Outrage Like Faux Outrage - People Peed On The Floor Of A Bus - Person Pooed In A Tunnel - Mix Van Humanely Destroyed!

5/15 - Have A Funky Funky Isthmus - No Museums Left Behind

4/15 - How Cool People Spend $30 - LOL GPS - LOL CBS - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Person Pooed On A Plane And Stunk It Up - Still Greyhound After All These Years - Where Personal Responsibility Is A Dirty Word

3/15 - How Cool People Plan Roadtrips - People Watch 'Sesame Street' When They're Too Old For It - He'll Have To Make The Best Of Things...It's An Uphill Climb... - My Oh My - Akron Car Pooper

2/15 - Brossart Wastes Money On Shirts - Local Racist Loses His Shit In Public - Weird Cincinnati - I Was Interviewed About CPH

1/15 - Dogshames And Domino Clocks...Consumed By The Fires... - Sea-Monkey Business - When The CIA Tried To Castrate Castro's Beard - Google Still Gobblin' And Guggin'

12/14 - News Of My Devastating Diagnosis - Some Spanking New Graffiti - I Uncovered A Scam! - When Dairy Was Scary - 30 Years, Still No Justice

11/14 - Go Southwest, Last Word! - When American Airlines Ruined A Vacation - When United Ruined A Vacation - When Toilets Aren't As Tough As Nails - Code Ridiculous - Creature Of Habit - Home Unimprovement - Fox News Channel Day

10/14 - America's Least Wanted - Incredible Shrinking Toilet Lid Cover - Weren't You A Little Hard On The Beaver Last Night, Ponch? - What Bunker Blasts Do - Someone Blew Up A Toilet And It Looked Funny

9/14 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - Racism At Colerain - Mowing Astroturf: The $80 Boston Of The 21st Century? - Mug Is Gum Spelled Backwards - Rapist Fined $25 - Kids Bill Education Officials For Wasted Test Time - Your Money's No Good Anymore - St. Louiseein' Is St. Louisbelievin' - You've Got A Frank!

8/14 - 4 Bad Speakers Spoil The Whole Darn Bunch - I'm A Mapper...I'm A Crapper...I'm Not Jake Tapper... - Where Thrills Deject - Phantom Pooper Discovers Rail Transport?

7/14 - Another Road Trip In Which People Peed On Stuff - People Continue To Blast Greyhound - Did The EPA Hire The Phantom Pooper? - Scary Movies Make America Strong!

6/14 - How Cool People Roadtrip In GA - Umpire Strikes Back - Cubs Forfeit 400-Pound Cake - Slide Slide Slippity-Slide... - Would You Like Some Toilets With That Whine? - Pirro The Zero Strikes Again

5/14 - E.T. Phone Landfill - Pac-Man Phone Landfill - Sunshine Superman - I Fought An Ambulance Bill, And The Ambulance Bill Lost - Computer Continues To Break - Idiot Ruins Fence - KY Missed Opportunity Coalition

4/14 - A PLANES, TRAINS, AND BUSES ISSUE!!! - Leave The Driving To...Well, Someone Else - More Greyhound Troubles! - Megabusted - When Delta Ruined A Vacation - Would You Like Some Wine With That Whine? - Airline Deregulation Still A Failure After All These Years - Phantom Pooper Comes To Ypsilanti? - Right Track To Safety Film Fun!

3/14 - St. Joe's Links To Right-Wing Websites - Disgust Against Brossart Grows - Animation Domination - Trouble At The Sheriff's Office? - People Ate Supermarket Food Without Paying For It - Roads Scholar's Fave Cities - When The 2-Line Bug Bit

2/14 - Putting Your Money Where Your Facebook Feed Is - America's Most Right-Wing TV Judge? - WePay? No, We Pay - Idiot Doesn't Know What A USB Mouse Is - My New KY Home - Paradoxes Of Fascism - Toothpastephobia

1/14 - How Cool People Go On Road Trips - Racist's Worst Fear Realized - Politics And Mapmaking...Together At Last! - Hotels And Vomit...Together At Last! - Google Garbages In Its Garanimals - Man Boycotts Bar For Not Letting Him Poop In Urinal - More Things Changes, The More The Assholes Stay The Same - Pooperadio

12/13 - Fool Folio - More Funtimes! - You Threw A Glue At Me... - Toy Story - $100,000 Boogers - Mandela Inspires - And We Never Get Royals, Royals...

11/13 - How Cool People Play D&D - Changing Your Outlook On Outlook...For The Worse! - '01 Bike Theft Almost Solved? - Magna...Doodle! - People Cheated In College - Tea Party Blooper Reel, 2006 Style

10/13 - Coloradoin' Is Coloradobelievin' - People Got Yelled At In Big Bend - Burpoo You - Free Like Pee! - Phantom Pooper Goes To Yale - Dungeons...And Dragons! - Tea Party Brews Shutdown - Team Tyranny Declares EPA Illegal

9/13 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - Brewin' Up Mischief In Milwaukee! - Brewin' Up No Mischief In Kalamazoo - People Get It Done In MN - Federal Porn Allotment - People Drank Beer At School - AdBrite, Making Things With Light... - Inn Thing - More YouTube Classics - Pay, Pal!

8/13 - The Price Is Wrong - Blame AdSense - Microapartments Costing Macro Money - Wowww-ee! - Displeasure Principal - Scribblings About The Scribble Pad - Grover Bastes - 2 Years, 8 Mishes

7/13 - Lemuel Cabarrus, The Father Of Democracy - Broken Toys And Other Joys! - PRISM? How About PRISON? - Poo Wars! - GOP Group Fined For Hiding Donor's Identity - IN, The Most Honest State - Tea Party Plays Ass Fife - Cashbox, Don't You Walk So Fast... - Professor Quits Over Condoms And Vomit - Student Kicked Off College Board Over Political Views - If You Want To Destroy My Sweater... - Shit In Sink Leads To Graduation Ban


4/3/12 - Last Word Is Not Dead

12/20/11 - Squeezing Bile From A Stone - Why Occupy Had To Happen - Tea Party Fights Literacy - NKU Squanders Millions On Division I - Remember The Days Of The Old Censorship Yard... - BushAmerica: Where Every Call Is Long-Distance

9/21/11 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - Nazi Takeover Of Newport Schools Complete - Meanwhile, In Ft. Thomas... - Lying Crybaby Pwned! - 20-Year Reunion I Didn't Attend - School Sues Accident Victim's Dad - ALEC In Blunderland - TNT...I'm Dynamite... - Bandit Knows Brossart - Tea Party Must Hate School - AZ School's Sumptuary Law - Courts Smack Down Evil Empre - SAT Screw-Up - Another School Sued For Harassment - Status Of Status Offenders

7/20/11 - Bin Laden The Party Animal - Circus Shitty - From Dojo To Rojo - Bailout For Developer Rejected! - Watch Little Baby Carve Up Desk

4/13/11 - Frankfort Fascism Falls Flat - I Broke Rand Paul's Toilet - What School Choice Ought To Mean - MTV In A Bottle Of Pee - Monstrosity Lives

1/29/11 - Land Of The Loughner - Ooh! A Threat From The Brossart Cult! - KY Drug Warriors Revving Up Backwards - Bailout Ark

9/28/10 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - Behavior Profiling Expands At NKU - Campbell Co. Schools Censoring Critics - Republicans Pretend To Care About Something - Finger-Pointing Expands In School Racism Case - Million Kids Misdiagnosed With ADHD, But Media Doesn't Give A Shit - Right-Wing Commissioners Ignore Domestic Violence Law - When Bikers Fought Cline - Phony Evidence Suit Dismissed - Civics And Character Matter - Free Speech? Not At Taxpayer-Funded Stadiums!

8/19/10 - Giving It All To The Sprawl In Campbell Co. - Why I Left Facebook - Aw, The Tea Party Got Its Feelings Hurt - Cheese, Glorious Cheese... - Wikipedia Puts 'Net War To Rest? - Drug War Linked To Home Invasions? - Honeycomb's Small...Yeah Yeah Yeah!

6/11/10 - From Statesman To Lackey - Flyer, Flyer, Everywhere A Fascist Flyer... - Facebook Fascism - A Republic...If We Can Keep It - Google Nazism - New Book Now In Stores! - 'Lawn Chair Quarterback' Is On The Offense! - Sororites Channel Brossart

3/31/10 - Hoard This Ish!!! - Facebook Closes Class Warfare Group - Sign, Sign, Nowhere A Sign... - New Book About The Smithereens Of A Mind! - Peep Our New Facebook Page! - Newport Violates ADA - Lose Your Teaching License? No Problem - Pay, Pay, Pay... - Amazing Babysitting Library - Traffic Fine That Clogged A Toilet - Luis's Favorite Number

11/12/09 - Tea Parties Still Brewing Fail - Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign... - Right-Wingers' Potemkin World - Credit Scores = Scam - We Get Mail - Damn, This Toilet Scam... - Forging Ahead - Continuing Nazification Of My Alma Mater - Health Reform Opponents Channel Gun Control

9/14/09 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - Teacher Accused Of Selling Grades - Fans Behaving Badly - Private School Bailout Costs Public Schools - Top 5 Worst Things About Brossart - Mucus Adventure Nothing To Sneeze At - Positive Recidivism! - America's First August Flu Epidemic? - Stadium Incident Leads To Resignation - IN School Chief Supports School On Weekends?

8/14/09 - CPH + Brossart = Disaster - If CPH Was Run By Muppets - Farting Code - I'm In The Mood For A Melody...To Make Fun Of Frisch's! - Wanderin' Indiana

5/15/09 - Right-Wing Cult Recruits 3-Year-Olds - Library Books Peed On - How To Talk Like A Genius - When The Who Conquered A Holiday Inn - GA On My Mind! - Bathroom Bumper Cars - Where Council Meetings Are Never Boring! - NKU To Ruin Neighborhood - Vandal-Proof Toilets Not Moron-Proof

2/19/09 - Yahoo! We're Off Yahoo! - Laundromat Picketed Over Toilet Paper - When The Stones Conquered A Holiday Inn - North Carolinaing Is North Carolinabelieving - Dick Lugar Likes Pie - One Restroom Closed, Other Vandalized - Boulders Bust British Bathroom - A-E-I-O-U-Baseball!

11/27/08 - You're Fiiiiirrrrred??? - Boy Arrested For Farting At School - Shootin' At The Walls Of Heartache...Bang, Bang... - Mountain Dew Trip! - When Art Gets Ru - Poo-Poo Terrorist Arrested

9/2/08 - OUR ANNUAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - Phone Harassment: Less Than Meets The Eye! - When A Toilet Got "Retooled" - The "School" That Didn't Count - Farting On Command!

6/26/08 - Won't You Be My Neighbor?

4/15/08 - Knife Pulled On Kindergartner In Campbell Co. - Brossart An Anti-Bullying Pioneer? - Huntington Hijinks - Your Very Own Stupid Joke Book!

2/4/08 - Newport Schools Sued Over Harassment - Laugh Of The Year: Brossart Expects 650 Students

12/11/07 - Bellevue To Destroy More Apartmens - Illinoisin' Is Illibelievin'

11/3/07 - Another Election!!! - Covington Outlaws Homeless Shelters

10/28/07 - Uniforms Abolished For Destroying Discipline - New ISP! - Sales Tax Is A Jails Tax

9/10/07 - Brossart And The Golden Calculator - New Populist Blog! - Fletcher Breaks University Board Law

8/16/07 - BACK-TO-SCHOOL EXTRAVAGANZA! - Big Brossart Is Watching You - Dress Codes Shoved Back Into Clothesdrawer - Pro-Bullying Law Returns - When A Schoolbook Got Toilety - Cops Sued Over Lab Report - Bureaucracy Hypocrisy - Registry May Track Drug Company Bribes - C Is For CPH, That Bad Enough For Me... - This Just In! Schools Can Be Sued! - Vouchers Fail (Surprise, Surprise) - School Harasses Student Because Of Name - "Okay" Not OK With Crybaby Educrats

7/31/07 - Wikipedia Waffles And Wavers - Flying The Expensive Skies!

6/30/07 - 4 Bad Rulings In One Day... - ...And 2 More Bad Rulings! - Diagnosis: Censorship - Toilets Get Ruined

6/21/07 - More Outside (?) Agitation! - Another Letter From The Wasteland

5/20/07 - Ah! An Election! Ew! - Right-Wing Spammer Runs For Att'y General

4/13/07 - Phone Monopoly Gets Busy...Busy...Busy... - Something's Missing! - Lawmaker Linked To Starcade Tantrum

3/16/07 - Free Speech Still Needs To Start Existing - Local Mardi Gras Continues To Be Laughed At - Poop Sorter's Book Of Records

2/2/07 - Reason To Reintroduce TV Brick - One Step Ahead...Of Clutter!

12/31/06 - FDA To Send In The Clones - Tennesseein' Is Tennebelievin'

12/4/06 - You Had A Bad Day, The Camera Don't Lie...

11/3/06 - Election In November, Election In November... - Conservative Cheating Looms

10/24/06 - Senator's Racist Link Exposed

10/11/06 - Another Reason Pedophiles Will Vote Conservative - Media Helped Cover Up Foley Scandal - Brossart And The Booger

8/20/06 - NFL Pat-Downs Sidelined - School Gets Pants Sued Off (And Deservedly So)

6/28/06 - Surprise! NKU Violates Free Speech At Bush Event - Bush's Pro-Death Law (That The Media Covers Up) - Yahoo Becomes Gov't Informant

5/18/06 - Wingnuttery Made, Batshittery Driven - Woman Sent To Psych Ward Over Political Views - VD Is For Everybody!

4/24/06 - Pot Law That Needs To Be Flushed Down The Pot - What Happens To Dissenters In BushAmerica - Nurse Accused Of "Sedition" For Criticizing Bush - Painting Ruined By Gum - County Wants To Charge For Free Speech - Impeachment: Sounds Good To Me - In The Smithsonian, Of All Places!

2/28/06 - Drinking, No--Harassment, Yes - Private School Accused Of Seizing Homes For Bush Library - Bill Would Prevent States From Labeling Poisonous Food

12/4/05 - Campbell Co. Schools Want More Of Your Money--Again! - The Magical Mystery Tour Is Waiting To Take You Away...

11/5/05 - Pepper Poos Pants Over Pot - Corporate Crybabies Boring Us To Tears - WA GOP Tries To Prevent People From Voting - Right-Wing Idiots Threaten Public Officials For Disagreeing With Them

10/3/05 - NFL Fascists Run With The Ball On Stadium Pat-Downs - Surprise! AT&T Continues To Beg And Whine - Train In Vain

8/29/05 - Right-Wing Stations Refuse To Air Ad Because It Disagrees With Them - Diocese Finally Forced To Pay Up - American's Toilets & Testes Strikes Yet Again! - Give A Hoot! Go To Orlando!

7/22/05 - Conservative Supports Higher Taxes - At Long Last, Law Requires Lessons On Constitution - Give A Hoot! Go To St. Louis! - Town Tickets People For Not Driving SUVs - Crybaby Complaint Dismissed

7/3/05 - Teenager Convicted Of "Terrorism" Over Shirt - Taliban Comes To Basra

6/9/05 - Another Great "Democratic" Ally! - Library Closes Book On Privacy By Fingerprinting Patrons - Fascism Continues, But ACLU Provides Hope - Lanyard Noose Loosens In Boone Co. - Time To Zap Ads In Theaters - An Example Of The Conservatives' "Culture Of Life" - False Imprisonment Abuses Continue - Ship Of Fools - Right-wing Thug Gets Paroled - Conservatives Afraid Of Yellow Stop Signs - Good Grief! Peanuts Storyboard Gets Plopped - Conservatives Want To Ban Public Wi-Fi

3/25/05 - Vandalism, Theft & Trespassing Legalized In Sacramento - Lawmakers Afraid Of Cold Medicine - 33 Legislators Support School Harassment - Have No Fear, The Book Is Here! - Prosecutor Who Ranted About Drugs Gets Caught With Drugs Himself - MO Town Bans Bikes - Questions Surround Road Rage Incident - There May Be Hope After All For Free Speech - Cops Shock Man Who Refused To Take Drug Test - Stinking Gets More Illegal - Division I May Create Division In Students' Bank Accounts - EU Extradites Artists For "Blasphemy" - Fascist Dress Code Will Be Challenged In Supreme Court - Rightist UT Gov Vetoes "Ritalin Bill" - Congress Wastes Your Money To Pay For Wal-Mart Road - Congress Members Who Complained About Laws Not Applying To Congress Now Think Laws Shouldn't Apply To Them After All

2/3/05 - Schools Get More Fascist (Again) - Another Reason Dems Keep Losing - Bush Cultist A Professional Victim For Hire - Media Continues To Mislead, And Nobody Dares To Call 'Em Out - Brossart Disgraced Again

12/19/04 - Campbell Co. Constitution-Hating Fuckheadedness - Wheel Of Misfortune - "Intelligence Reform" A Double Misnomer - What Conservatives Call Family Values - Last Christmas...We Gave You A Fart... - Military Dictatorship Comes To Life In Fallujah - Shoes Get Peed On At Value City - World's Running Out Of Food And Water But Big Business Thinks It's Your Fault - Tyranny Trauma

11/24/04 - When A Mob Calls Themselves A Majority - Yes, A Few Victories For The Forces Of Good... - When Republicans Tried To Cancel The Election - Look Out For The Big Boy Tellin' You...Everything They're Gonna Do... - Instant Runoff Voting: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? - Martial Law: It's What Bush Calls Freedom - Living Red And Voting Blue - Contract With Railroads - Rightists Censor Lincoln Memorial Film - Idiots Think FCC Regulates Newspapers - Congress Revives National ID Bullshit

10/29/04 - Reformed Rightist Fights Republican Noise Machine - New England Patriots - Editorial Arm-Twisting - Teachers Kicked Out Of Fairgrounds For Disagreeing With Bush - Keyes Fined For Election Violations - Bush Tries Creating His Own Reality - You Better Run, You Better Take Cover! - Ah! Some Endorsements! Ew! - Woman Fired For Supporting Kerry - FCC Censors Another Station - More Hostettler Poologgery

10/7/04 - Blog Bullies - Why There May Be Hope

9/14/04 - Conservatives Cry "Hoax!" Despite Memo Authentication - When Nazis Attack! - Another Day In Paradise In Louisville - Brossart Strikes Again

8/23/04 - Bush Loses Grip On Reality - More Brossart Kookfroth - AP Misleads Again - Bush Lets Terrorists Escape So He Can Boost Alert Level

7/24/04 - Repubs Sabotage Phone System - All Those Tires, Wastage Bastage! - Conservatives Think WV Isn't A Real State - Enemies List Asshole Imprisoned For Murder

7/4/04 - So Much For The 2-Party System! - KKK Whines About Losing "True Free Speach Now" - Toledo Schools In Grip Of Tyranny

6/7/04 - Cops Accuse Activists Of Arsons He Didn't Commit - Rightists Plot Invasion Of SC - You've Got Jail! - Right Wing Exploits Reagan Death

4/27/04 - Right-Wing Judge Legalizes Youth Slavery - Rightists Blame Hate Crime Victims - Poo Smeared On Walls Of School Restrooms - More Sophisticated Humor - No Free Speech Unless You're A Stalker

3/28/04 - More Proof Bush Is Full Of Shit - Nuttiest Bill Ever In Congress? - Be Prepared For More Fraud! - Driver Gets Off Easy For Trying To Kill Antiwar Activists - What?! More Republican Scandals?! You Gotta Be Kidding Me! - Fascism Comes To Life In OH Schools - More Crap

3/8/04 - Federal Fascists Bribe Schools To Test For Drugs - Editorial Cartoons Censored Because Of Conservatives - GOPstapo Dirty Tricks - Bush Turns His Back On Veterans - Another Rigged Election - Greenscam Spews Venom - Revenge On The Chevron Monster - More Stupidity At The Post

2/13/04 - Fletcher Threatens To Break Campaign Promise (Imagine That!) - You Can't Get A Good Website If SAF Liars Are Telling You None Of The Story - Legislature Continues To Embarrass - Another Example Of The Dark Side Of Disney--And Others! - Bush Hometown Requires Permit To Wear Buttons - All That School, Wastage Bastage

1/28/04 - FBI Afraid Of Almanacs - More RIAA Tyranny - Driving A Stake Through Our Heart So We Go Away Forever - Words From A Proven Racist - America Offline Strikes Again - More Social Engineering Bullshit From Dumbya - Jails Sued For Torture

1/7/04 - VT Seeks Secession - Memory...All Alone In The Moonlight... - Bush Blow Big Bazooka Bubble - AP Steps Up Dean-Bashing

12/14/03 - Emergency Treatment Law Gets Mistreated - Dress Code Hypocrisy - Terrorists Burn Antiwar Activists' Home - What?! 400 Issues?! - Slavery Reintroduced On Taco Bell Farms - Newspapers Not Allowed To Use Their Own Names - Tired Of Tires

11/18/03 - Fascists Steal "Election" (Imagine That!) - Pollsters And AP Decide "Election" Before Votes Are Even Counted - Republicans Behaving Badly...Tonight At A Special Time After The 10:00 News! - Bush Accuser Mysteriously Dies - Chamberpot Of Commerce - Another GOPstapo Nutcase - Miami Bans Water Balloons

10/29/03 - "Election" Decided A Week Before Election Day? - MS Has A Fucked-Up "Election" Too! - More Evidence Of Right-Wing Spying - Where Everything's Illegal - More Fuckface Wackoism

10/26/03 - Don't Vote--It Only Encourages Them - More Scandals In The Looper Hall Of Shame - Pro-Impeachment Mayor Visited By FDA - Time To Challenge GOP Challengers - Academic Freedom Under Attack in CO - Few Apologies For Political Incorrectness

10/11/03 - Computer Viruses Target Progressives - Democracy Gets Terminated - Drug Excuse Trotted Out To Justify Phone Monopoly - Contract With America: 10 Years Later - Showdown! - And The Scandals Just Keep On Comin'! - New Way For Brossart To Make Money - Channel 9 Shows Infomercials Instead Of World Cup

9/6/03 - ANOTHER BACK-TO-SCHOOL ISH! - DE Progresses While Tri-State Lags - Does Pendleton High Like Being Sued? - Bill Would Ban Forced Drugging - Graduation Ruined For Many - CO Voucher Rip-Off - Does The Homestead Act Apply To Books? - Frivolous Lawsuit Filed Against Teacher - Scandal-Plagued NKU Slams Door On Many - High-Stakes Testing: Another Joke - Crybabies Complain Over Getting Hand Slap In Hazing Scandal - Students Attacked For Not Having Religion Crammed Down Their Throats - School Silences Antiwar Teachers - Teens Detained For Criticizing Bush - Prepare To Have Your Rights Violated Some More - Seniors Forced To Retake Test Because Of Someone Else's Fuck-Up - NKU Channel Accidentally Shows Porn - School Sued Over Forced Haircut - 10 Years In Prison For Being Creative - "Zero Tolerance" Nazis Wreck Graduation

8/19/03 - Website Owner Imprisoned For Views - Don't Take The Conservative Bait - Lies Lies Lies Yeah! - Alumnus Message Board Update

7/17/03 - Supreme Court Doesn't Understand 1st Amendment - Activist Arrested For Protesting Bush - Another City Against Patriot Act Fascism - 3 Beautiful Days In The Neighborhood In Pittsburgh - US Cancels Iraqi Elections And Installs Saddam Loyalists - DEA Coerces Lodge Into Canceling Concert

6/22/03 - Arcata Is Cool - I Fight The Coalition Provisional Authority And The Coalition Provisional Authority Always Wins - Pot Guru Freed! Yay! - Cereal Killer - Kings Island Starts Fight With Customer

5/10/03 - Victory? What Victory? - Uh, Isn't This Illegal? - Ted Turner Admits Media Is Full Of Shit - Brossart Cult Hides Behind Drug War - Blog Blog Blogga Blog Blogga...

3/24/03 - Teachers Punished For Opposing War - Woman Fired For Antiwar Email To Charlie Daniels - DIRECTV Goes Directly To Hell - Where Rebellious Teens Went - Snow Day Scam